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Notice Good Things: Gray Day, Colorful Dusk

We have had several gray days here lately. There probably is some reason that at night, we sometimes have clear skies enough to see an amazing clear moon. Sunday night, the moon was so bright that I had to move my pillow. The moon made it hard to sleep.

So Sunday all day was gray. Sunday dusk, we had this amazing sunset:


Notice that the full cloudcover of the day lifted. The sunset was just amazing.

This is literally one block behind my house, in my city neighborhood 30 blocks from the Capitol building (I aimed at the sky, but I cut out a road, a car, and a lot of houses just under the bottom edge of this photo). When the sky went dark, the moon came out so bright there were moon shadows.

Then Monday came. More gray day. And then the moon was clear to see in the night sky again. How odd. Maybe the gray was not clouds? Maybe it was the color of the sky? I can not believe that but maybe there is something I missed.

I say… grab the beautiful moments. Really notice that pink sky while it lasts. Life is in the little things, as I have said here before.

One Response to “Notice Good Things: Gray Day, Colorful Dusk”

  1. Mom Says:

    You can find color combinations for art work or knitting in nature. Very pretty. I had some envelopes along those lines.

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