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What I’ve Been Knitting

ColorJoy Stole by LynnHWell, I have had a lot of time in the car, and a bit of time walking around festivals, and I’ve actually finished a few knitting projects. Imagine that! It seems that I usually make things up on the needles, which means I guess wrong at times and have to rip things out a lot. However, I’ve had three finished projects in the last few weeks.

First is the ColorJoy Stole for Heritage Spinning. It used perhaps 8 or 9 yarns, in wildly differing colors (including two multicolored yarns that did not look as though they would go well together, when the balls of yarn were side by side). There were three yarns in the hot pink/magenta range, and those brought the rest of the yarns together in style. It is very lovely. I already sent the stole to the shop, and I had no way to have anyone model it for me before I sent it. I will hope to get a willing model when I make it down there. The ColorJoy Stole class at Heritage is October 16, a Saturday. I’m also teaching it at A Gathering Basket in Chelsea (between Jackson and Ann Arbor) on November 6 and 13, Saturday afternoons, and at Threadbear in Lansing on October 17, a Sunday. See my Class Schedule for these and other classes.

Second in the finished product list, is a pair of wristwarmers. I’m my own photographer, so you will have to believe me when I say I finished two of these and have been wearing them. It is a new yarn (Landscapes) from Lion Brand, which I found at JoAnn Fabrics. It’s a fat yarn, half acrylic and half wool, which says it will felt if you put it in the washer and dryer. (Actually, to quote their website, “Landscapes is a yarn made with an acrylic core [50%] that is wrapped with a wool wrap [50%]. It does not felt exactly as 100% Wool felts and may need additional washing to fully felt.” It further states that if you knit it along with Fun Fur, it is washable but will not felt.)

Wristwarmer by LynnHI made two wristwarmers from one ball of yarn, and had enough left over to make a small square which I’ll test in the washer one of these days. I didn’t like how the yarn looked in the ball, at all. I bought it anyway, because it had turquoise and lime green, which I love together. However, knit up, the colorway is growing on me.

I wear wristwarmers a lot, from about September through May or June. My hands get cold easily and I have intermittently-bad wrists. These keep both arthritic hands and sore wrists happier, while allowing me full range of motion. I can even knit with these on. However, I tend to lose one wristwarmer at a time during the end of the cold season, because I take them off halfway through the day and then don’t know where one went. The last pair I made were from a more pricey yarn and I knit a pair, then a single replacement, then another replacement. I decided that the next time around I’d try a lower-end yarn with some wool, and when I saw this fascinating, somewhat odd yarn, I figured this was a good way to test it out.

Heritage Heirloom Socks by LynnHThird is something that delights me: my Heritage Heirloom Socks, which I finished in the car on the way home from Ukulele Expo. These are named for Heritage Spinning (the shop where I’m teaching the class) and Heirloom 6-ply Easy-Care Yarn (from which they are knit). I’ll be teaching this class for Heritage in just 9 short days, on Saturday, October 2. The shop is in Lake Orion, just north of Pontiac here in Michigan. Lovely shop, if anyone in that general corner of the state wants to join us.

These socks really please me. They look good to my eye, and they have (get this) only *nine* rows where the knitter needs to work with two colors on the same row! It is the perfect project for someone who loves the look of colorwork but has been avoiding it, thinking it will be tedious. This yarn comes in a huge range of colors, from my favorite bright cool tones to these lovely pure earthtones, and some soft colors as well, so everyone should be able to find colors they love that will work well together. I’ve made several pairs of socks from this yarn already, and they go in the washer and dryer well. It’s also DK weight so it knits quickly, yet the socks fit in all but my dress shoes.

OK, I’m a showoff, with three finished items in one post. But I tell you, sometimes I go a LONG time without finishing anything. This feels good.

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  1. Rob Says:

    You sold me on the sock yarn — but what yarn is it? I must have missed where you said — will go back and look. Great socks!

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