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Well and Busy

Hi, everyone. For someone whose goal is 28 posts a month, I am not hitting my goal right now! This is my post number 2,915 since November 2002, but it is my first one in a week.


My car is now in the shop for 2 weeks and I’m to call them Tuesday for an update. I’m thinking it will be 3 weeks without a car, at least.

However, this has allowed my friends to love me with service. It happens that my furthest commute is to Haslett once a week (ten miles one way, requiring 3 buses). This two weeks happened to be between terms, so I did not have to worry about that. I have been able to ride the bus a lot (and our system is quite reliable).

I did one round-trip to downtown Lansing (not quite 5 miles, total) on my cool old 5 speed Schwinn Suburban. Last year, I did not ride the bike once. It was pleasant to get her back out on the road.

Things are intense but fine here. I am well again, thanks to the miracle of modern medicine. It is spring, and absolutely lovely to look at outdoors.

Friend Rae loaned me her car to go to the doctor last week when I was quite ill with a sinus infection. Friend Altu loaned me her car this week to go back for a checkup. You can not know what a gift it is to have a car for an hour or two, during a week which is otherwise car-less. The first week, I got a few groceries. The second, I went to the bank. Those trips were much easier with a vehicle!

Friends Melinda, Kelley, April, Altu and Kim have offered rides at different times. Mind you, most of the time, the bus works great… but some trips are a lot more hassle than others. Going to Rae’s shop and back is a breeze. Most of my life is lived on the East Side between Rae’s shop, Frandor and Altu’s restaurant. So most of my life is easy to handle by bus.

But you know, in the scheme of things, this is just fine. I do not have a long term illness. I have the prospect of  a vehicle again in a week or two. It is spring here, so waiting for the bus is pleasant. I have knitting in my purse, and can do that while I wait.

Project(s) Update

Since you last heard from me, so much has happened. The Lansing Comfort Bear project is going nuts. There is a nice article on the Lansing State Journal website about our event at Schuler Books. (It was in the Thursday paper with a photo of me teaching, but the online article is missing that photo. I’m fine with that.)


The article does not mention that Berroco Yarns and Rae’s Yarn Boutique donated yarn, Rae’s donated schulerbearlynnneedles, and I donated patterns and teaching expertise for that event. Rae, Anna and Barbara from Rae’s offered teaching assistance, also donated. (Anna took the two photos here, while I was teaching.)

Whitney at Schuler Books did a great job of publicity and hospitality, as well. The project started not long ago thanks to Kristi Garcia, and it’s growing like weeds! It took a team to get this moving, and we are thrilled.

I have created a simplified version of the pattern to be distributed for free as a PDF download. That version can be accessed by clicking this Fast-Finish Bear Free Version link.

For those not inclined to download and print, or those who do not use the Internet, there will also be a photo-enhanced version with instructions for even non-knitters to get started. That one will be printed in color on good teddy33paper and in a page protector, for sale at the shops. The price will be my standard $6, but $1 from the sale of each pattern I will donate to EVE (End Violent Encounters). EVE is an organization which has helped two women I know, both with children, get out of a bad living situation and into new, healthy lives.

I am on the brink of an adorable child’s cap pattern (had hoped to release it yesterday but literally fell asleep with computer on my lap). I helped a friend with her taxes, and the Habibi Dancers‘ annual show and workshops are this weekend. (Photos below taken at rehearsal Wednesday.) I am over busy but all is well.

Signing Off, for Now

And with all that distracting me, I didn’t say hello to all of you. I’ll be back with more when I can. Meanwhile, focus on gratitude and let go of those things over which you have no control.

Hugs from Lansing, Michigan.



7 Responses to “Well and Busy”

  1. Diana Troldahl Says:

    Love the dancing photos!!!
    Glad you are feeling better.
    I had almost a week of good health, but the old cold seems to be creeping back in (I am fighting it off with tea and knitting).

  2. Lori Says:

    I am glad you are feeling better and glad you are back online. I’ve missed you! Yeah for you, it’s spring!! Getting a little hot here for me :( I know I shouldn’t be complaining, (at least not yet) since it isn’t really that hot. Oh well. We are coming to Lansing in July. I would love to hook up with you (and Brenda) if it works out. We are coming to Kalamazoo, but will be in Lansing for a couple of days too. Take care. Love, Lori

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  4. Lindy Says:

    Hi Lynn, So glad to hear you are feeling much better. It’s bad enough to be sick and have a car to take you where you absolutely have to go but to be sick and not have a car would make things miserable indeed. Thank goodness for good friends.

    BTW – love the colors on your steps and porch rail. I am going to look for a good old 5-speed, or even a 3-speed – after I move back to MI. No sense in looking for one here in AZ – I would just have to pack it up and move it along with too much other stuff.


  5. Karen Says:

    Thank you so much for the bear pattern, dear Lynn. It’s good of you to release it for free. I’m so glad you’re better!

  6. Annette Says:

    Sometimes it’s good to slow down and simplify, even if it’s an unexpected necessity. Wishing you the best with your car, errands and health!

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