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The Right Spot for Planning

\My life is in the process of changing. Right now I’m in the evaluation phase, which means lots of pondering, thinking, looking for options.

I’m doing what I can to stay away from worry. I am fond of saying “Worry is not action.” That is harder to live than it is to say to someone else, as you might imagine!


Tuesday I had a canceled night class. I had the opportunity to make choices a bit with my time. Now, my porch is my favorite place in Lansing on warm days. It was warm enough to go out there.

The winter had done a bit of a messy job on that porch, though. The floor was full of leaves, the ledges around the porch were decorated, so to speak, by the birds who hung out there for shelter. The three chairs and one table which stayed out on the porch, were dusty. The painted chairs had peeled a bit since fall.

I decided I wanted to work on the porch, but that it needed to encourage me rather than drag me down. Out came the broom and dustpan. Out came wet, soapy cloth and a dry cloth to follow it. It did not take all that long to make the porch welcoming again.

My Purple-Trimmed House w/RosesI put away the cleaning tools. I hung up my beloved hammock (purchased on a trip to Mexico almost 15 years ago). I got out a quilted pillow made for me by Brian’s sister, Jane. The wireless computer and cup of tea followed me, along with a box full of paperwork.

The sun filtered through the thin, green, spring leaves across the street. I got some work done and enjoyed my luck at being able to work in that place for several hours.

If I must ponder my future while doing some work, this is the best possible place to do it.

(This second photo is the back of our house during rose-blossoming season.)

3 Responses to “The Right Spot for Planning”

  1. The Right Spot for Planning | Lansing Rocks Says:

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  2. Lindy Says:

    Hi, Lynn.

    Regarding your laptop: Is that a laptop case with flowers embroidered on it or are those flowers affixed directly to your laptop? Either way it looks great – very colorful and friendly – makes me smile. :-D

    Your porch is wonderful – what a great place to both relax and get work done and both at the same time.


  3. Diana Troldahl Says:

    Lovely :-}