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Susan’s Story: Good News/Bad News

chipperchippy250Susan just finished my Chippy Socks for Kids class. She took it at Rae’s Yarn Boutique and went home on Thursday night with just a bit of the first sock’s toe to complete. For some reason, I did not take a photo as I often do.

Monday, I got an email from Susan telling the rest of the Chippy Sock story (she gave me permission to use it here):

Good news.  I finished my first chipper sock Thursday evening.  Finished it as soon as I got home.  The instructions were great and I had no problem finishing it up.  The sock “looked” (operative word “looked”) fantastic.

Now for the bad news!  Friday morning I came out of the bathroom after having my shower…and my niece’s little dog Bentley ran up to me so happily only for me to see that he had my chipper sock in his mouth.  Yikes.

He looked so cute though that I couldn’t be mad at him.  I just thought “Well….my cue that I need more practice”  Oh well.  Life is too short to get frustrated.  My philosophy…if no one dies it can be fixed.  Unfortunately the sock cannot be fixed (he chewed on the cuff where the sock started and nibble a bit down.  I’ve still shown folks my chipper sock (I’m so proud of it) and am going to start on a new one tonight…(snip)

I thought you might enjoy the story of my chipper sock…

ChipperColorCapFixationFor the record, I named my socks “Chippy Socks” because they seemed like potato chips, I could not stop at merely a pair. (There are six socks in a set.)

Recently I released the pattern for a child’s cap which coordinates with those socks. It was not intended to knit in multiples, so I named it Chipper Color Cap (C3) to imply they were related.

chippercap3layersUnfortunately, this two-name thing is causing some confusion between them for my customers/students… which does not bother me in the least. I’m showing some of the photos of that cap here, one shown with three of the six socks Ewe-niss test knit for me when I was developing that pattern.

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  2. Diana Troldahl Says:

    LOVE them.
    It is good to see you blogging more again :-}

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