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Sunday, Fabulous Heftones at E Lansing ArtFest!

The Fabulous Heftones, Coopers Glen FestivalIt is always a joy to play at events here in Greater Lansing. Brian and I, as The Fabulous Heftones, will perform at East Lansing Art Festival tomorrow.

The weather is gorgeous this weekend. The other performers scheduled are very fine, indeed. There is great food (my friend Altu’s restaurant will have a booth). And of course, there are excellent artists showing and selling.

This show is an honor. It’s our first time at this event. Details:

East Lansing Art Festival
Sunday, May 23
12:15 to 1:00pm
West Stage, Abbot Rd. at Albert
Downtown East Lansing

The Audience Makes a Difference
Local friends, it will be a glorious, sunny day. Come on out early in the Festival Day and say hello. It means a lot to see familiar faces in the crowd. I have heard from several folks that they plan to come out.

As a performer, I literally sing to folks in my audience (it unnerves me to sing in a blacked-out auditorium, though I can do it). The more familiar faces, the more lovely my own performing experience.

I can sing to Cyndi, to Gwen, to Mom, to Rae, to Rod and Deb… sort of thanking them for being part of the experience. We make new friends at every show, but I’m all about relationship; the more, the merrier.

What Music will You Hear?
If you have not heard us before, our music is primarily from 1900 to 1930 with a few instrumentals that Brian wrote. Many are familiar to contemporary ears.

Here are links to a few songs we have put up on our website. (Click to listen, or save as a free gift from us if you know how to do it on your computer.)

For Me and My Gal (Lynn Singing)

Shine on, Harvest Moon (Brian Singing)

Epley Breakdown (Lively Instrumental)

Wish to be Notified of Future Shows?
If you would like to be on our email list, announcing upcoming events, either leave me a comment (make sure you fill out the email address box, it won’t be seen by my readers) . I’ll get you on the notice list.

(Photo is The Fabulous Heftones, singing at Cooper’s Glen Festival in Kalamazoo, August 2006)

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  2. momtroll Says:

    You had a great show! Thanks for the wonderful time.

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