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Heavenly Summer

My Kind of Weather!

It has been a good several days for me. It is genuinely hot here if you stand in the sun, need to do physical activity, or have a car without air conditioning. However, indoors (no A/C) or on the porch, I am in my heyday. This is MY kind of weather!

Summer Food Experiments, Rhubarb Recipe

Just as an update, I have been cooking some wonderful food including a salad tossed with cold barley grains (barley contains gluten but one could use mixed rices instead), some flavorings and fresh veggies. I made a fava bean dip that turned out great (if you have not tried fava beans, they are magnificent legumes indeed). We ate fava beans for breakfast every morning in Egypt, so I am especially fond of them since I returned from Africa.

I even made a first try at a sort of flat bread, cooked in a cast iron pan. In my dreams it was like an Indian chappati, but in the end it looked more like a very thick brown pita bread that had no hole in the middle. It was chewy and worked well to eat with the fava beans. When I refine those recipes a bit more, I will share them here with you.

I did also pick some rhubarb last week. I made a slightly-too-sweet rhubarb crisp for us. The rhubarb was so fresh, it made a soupy fruit filling rather than a sticky one, but it was a treat anyway.

Next time I’m out of white sugar, I will substitute with a smaller amount of brown sugar. It did not work when I used the specified amount. Live and learn. (Click this link for the Rhubarb Crisp recipe, scroll to the end of that long post to see it.)

Singing in Lansing

We had a great time at the East Lansing Art Fair. If anyone took photos of us singing that day, please consider passing a photo to us. For some reason I forgot to ask someone else to take photos. I did get shots of other bands, but they are not edited at this time.

Our next performance will be with Wally Pleasant on Friday, June 4, at MAC’s Bar, East Lansing. Really. No smoking, I’m liking that prospect, myself.

Knitting Progress

Now I am working on two sock designs. Both have deadlines in the next few weeks, one is due early next week. This is why I have no photos today on the blog.

It’s wonderful to be back doing socks again, though. I’ve designed two hats, a neckwarmer and a legwarmer pattern most recently. Socks are like going home.

Happy, Happy, Happy!

And I just can not stop saying how happy I am with this weather. Nobody else seems to love it as much as I do. I think I feel like a kid on her birthday – the adrenaline rush keeps repeating as I proceed with my life. I wait for this every year.

May you be comfortable wherever you live, whatever you prefer. As for me, I’m giddy with summer. Anyone else?

One Response to “Heavenly Summer”

  1. Cynthia Says:

    Hi Lynn! So glad that you are revelling in the weather. I can’t say I feel exactly the same, but I can never complain about being warm in my bare feet. Wheee!