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June is Busting Out All Over!

It is just perfect in Michigan right now. Some days we get rain, some days clouds, some days hot sun. No matter which of those, the ground is green and it seems everything that could bloom is doing so.

Our house was landscaped, for the most part, in the 1920s. We have lots of old fashioned flowers. The climbing roses are nasty, mean, grabby, and garment-eating for 11 months of the year. In June, I forgive them for all of their irritations. We have them on two sides of the house and one side of the garage.


In addition, we have peonies just finishing up, daylilies everywhere, and a hydrangea/snowball bush blooming. On Thursday I finally planted the last flower in a container. Last year we had some very sad tomatoes, no flowers in front and a few geraniums (in the pots they came in) on the back. This year, Geraniums and petunias with yellow-green sweet potato vines in back. Impatiens in 3 colors in front. I feel rich.

Last year I planted 3 types of tomatoes. One was called “Early Girl.” She never made a single fruit. In fact, the first tomato I got last year was in late October if I remember right. Several I picked green and ripened on the windowsill. If it were not for my knitting friend Rita B. who is an amazing gardener, I would not have had any home-grown tomatoes at all. Hers more than made up for my lack, though.

This year, we had a gift certificate to VanAtta’s Greenhouse in Haslett, and I was able to buy nicer things than usual. My geraniums already look wild and alive. And I splurged on a “Patio Tomato” which was about a yard/meter tall, already blooming, and had a few tiny fruits already growing. Here she is this week:


Can I jump up and down in glee? I’m pretty happy with this. No wonder I keep singing “June is Busting out All Over.” It’s true!

3 Responses to “June is Busting Out All Over!”

  1. Mandy Says:

    I know what you mean about the roses! We have a really old rosebush at the corner of our garage – my dad used to call it “Seven Sisters”, although I don’t know if that is actually what kind it is, and 11 months of the year it will grab whoever gets into or out of my husband’s car, no matter how hard we prune it back (and we are ruthless with it!). But in June, it can do no wrong, and I am always glad that I didn’t give in to my urge to rip it out each time it snags my clothes or skin!

  2. Lindy Says:

    Hi, Lynn.

    Your roses are lovely. The tomatoes look delicious. I’m afraid the last time I had tomatoes look something near to yours was also the time my dog warned me there was a rattlesnake coiled amongst my tomato plants. This won’t happen in northern MI – WHEW!

    I will now head on over to Ravelry to check out your Striped Summer Socklet pattern.

    Lindy – working toward leaving the Desert :)

  3. vicki Says:

    Everything look beautiful! I love old fashioned roses!

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