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Back to Mac’s


Before I had two sock design deadlines plus a trip out of town for 4 days, I had a grand time on Lansing’s East Side. Brian and I, as The Fabulous Heftones, played Mac’s Bar with our friend Wally Pleasant. Not only that, but there were two warm up bands besides our two acts, and I enjoyed every set.


Brian has worked with Wally since before Brian and I met. They used to go on tour together… two guys in a van with a bunch of instruments.


They would drive to Tennessee one day, then take turns driving and sleeping to get to Florida the next day, and a gig in Texas the next. It was a crazy schedule but they are both pretty laid back guys and it worked for them. Brian plays so many instruments, he’s a perfect one-man backup band.


Lately we are connecting with Wally again a bit more. It’s great fun.

Mac’s was an extra-special event, because we are emphatically not the kind of act one would expect at that venue. They do a lot of modern indie rock, usually more of a party scene. (It’s common to see a drum set on that stage.)

We are known as “Lansing’s most romantic act.” It was a delight to take our turn at the legendary venue on my own favorite side of town.

The night at Mac’s, Brian backed up Wally for half a set, and then Wally’s wife Alisa backed him on the last half. Alisa is a fine musician in her own right. She’s a classical musician, and also plays in the popular local band, The Lash. (She also took all of the photos in which I’m pictured. Thanks, friend!)

macs Brian tux friends

The last photo makes me giggle. There is a large poster on the wall at Mac’s, above the heads of everyone. It shows a fine collection of several class-act top entertainers, probably taken in the late 60’s or early 70’s. (Dean Martin, Sammy Davis, Jr., and Frank Sinatra)  All of them are wearing tuxedos.

Brian may be the only one ever to show up at Mac’s in a tuxedo, and he felt a photo of him and “the guys” was in order. Love it.

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