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Tuesday Mid-Michigan Knitters’ Guild

Tuesday night I went to the monthly meeting of the Mid-Michigan Knitters’ Guild in East Lansing. I tell you, that group is getting BIG!!! We had about 50 people. It was a wonderful time.

The program this month was geared toward gift knitting, and so people were asked to bring in any variation on a scarf, shawl, stole or poncho that they might have made, and talk about it a bit. We had all sorts of things I’d never imagined before, beautiful scarves in particular that were really innovative. I am not much of a scarf wearer (they aren’t big enough or warm enough for this woman who always has cold hands and feet even when wearing a hat) but I was very impressed with the variety.

Before the program starts, we always have show-and-tell time, where folks bring what they have completed since last meeting. I brought the stole I finally finished for my friend who needs a hug (still no pictures, darn it), and finally remembered to bring the three pair socks I did in series for Dawn Brocco’s Heels and Toes Gazette in the last year.

Sarah Peasley and friends made “hallowig” variations from a pattern in Knitty.com and brought them in for show and tell. Sarah had the right idea, using the squiggle yarn. I LOVE that yarn, would love any excuse to knit with it. Well, almost any, because I’m not going to knit a wig… out of that yarn or any other. But I just know the ladies had fun making theirs and wearing them!!!

And look at this prize photo of Irene wearing her finished ColorJoy Stole! She completed it in a matter of a few days (remember in the photo I took at our class just over a week ago, she had already knit about five inches on it). It looks wonderful on her, just perfect with what she was wearing. Good job, Irene!

One Response to “Tuesday Mid-Michigan Knitters’ Guild”

  1. Lorie Konopka Says:

    I just read about your trip to Africa!!! Have a wonderful time!!!
    I just wanted you to know that we do read and think about you, too, and know this trip WILL be the trip of a lifetime for you. Enjoy all the scenery and experiences, and may you have a wonderful time.
    I’ll miss your Michigan pictures that I watch for daily so I’m not as homesick for Lansing! But I can always go to your archives, right?
    Safe journeys to you!
    Lorie Konopka

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