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Being Human

I have been without words for you lately. My life is at a point of change and re-evaluation, as lives do at times, and I find myself without a blog topic.


It started when my car needed a new engine (last April). It was a hit I was ill-prepared to deal with. My reserves did not add up to the cost of the repair.

Without going into details, this spurred a reality check. I am very happy with my life in so many ways, and yet there is a need to change. How can I change to increase income without decreasing happiness? I am absolutely sure this is possible (in part because I have genuine gratitude for income, even in years when I’ve punched a clock at a box store to get it). I am not sure how it will go this time.

This happened, also, at a time I realized that I was over-using my speaking voice. I love teaching and public speaking. I also sing, but as a trained singer, my singing voice is less impacted by use than my talking voice. I have a wonderful doctor who is helping me get the voice healthy again. However, this summer I am not teaching as much as I did last year.

A big part of  my support system involves lunches or tea dates with folks who love me. I work alone at home a lot, and those meals with loved ones really balance and ground me. Lately I’ve made a point to do less of that social time, and more alone time at home (where I write and knit and otherwise work and live).

With my newly quieter time, I am swatching a lot, trying new knitting techniques. I’m contemplating where I will take my next set of knitting designs. I also have been tossing things from my past, going through old boxes of papers. I found at least one paper from as far back as 1984. It is great to get free of clutter and the residue of what was truly a different Lynn.

One weekend I decided to purge the kitchen of everything I did not truly want to keep there. It was magic. Here’s a photo of the counter just before I finished. I noticed how pretty the colors were, just my everyday cooking/serving items.


I assure you I am well. My life is very good. I have everything I need and many extras. My husband loves me. I do not need anything else. It is just as though someone switched the “channel” when I turned my head and I’m getting my bearings for the new reality. Everyone has times like this. It just happens to be my turn.

Meanwhile, I think of you often. I have been blogging since November 28, 2002. This is my published post 2,963. Many of you have become real friends to me, some of us have met in person. You are real and important in my heart and my life. I’m quiet right now, but I think of you as I take photos wherever I go. Somehow, though, I have not found words when I sat to write.

It may be that I will start posting those photos for you, with minimal text. I have so MANY things I want to say here, but for now I wonder if ColorJoy-ful photos will be how I stay connected with you for a little while.

Hugs to everyone out there.


8 Responses to “Being Human”

  1. Elizabeth Says:

    Hugs to you, too, Lynn! I have missed seeing you at the shop on Thursdays and I am glad to hear you’re doing well.

  2. Riin Says:

    That bowl! Your yellow and white bowl! When I was growing up, we had a bowl exactly like that! Until one day I dropped it…

  3. Lindy Says:

    Lynn, I have missed your posts and have been thinking about you and wondering if you are alright. Running into a changing situation of any kind in our lives often means we need a period to be quiet, go inside, contemplate, and regroup. Speaking for myself, I thoroughly understand. Sending pics with captions only and no text sounds like a good way to stay in touch without words. On the other hand, even doing that may be more than you need to think about at this time. Please know that there are many of us out here who care about you and want you to do what is best for you.

    On a lighter note – love the colors, patterns, and vintage pieces in your delightful kitchen. This kitchen must be a source of joy for you.


  4. Lynne in Memphis Says:

    Enjoy the colors of your life. We don’t always need words.

  5. momtroll Says:

    It was good to see your Grandma Illa’s yellow bowl in the back being used. I am sure you remember her each time you see and use it. The stp stool was purchased in 1955 as I needed to reach the shelves as a new bride.

  6. Caroline Says:

    Hugs back at you! Good luck sorting out the challenges that have come your way – we’ll all be here when you re-emerge.

  7. Kris Elliott Says:


    I have been away from the computer for a few weeks and returned to see that you had taken a blogging vacation. I was happy that I had not missed much! I certainly understand the need to be quiet and savor the world around you. I also appreciate your willingness to admit that blog topics had eluded you during that time and thus you did not write. I get bored with bloggers who feel like that have to write even when they have nothing to say!

    Glad you are back. Blessings on the journey.

  8. Priscilla Says:

    I have a yellow bowl quite like that, too!

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