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Holidays, Already

My family always does an early holiday event. We combine my birthday (November 28), Thanksgiving and Christmas. We call it Thanks-Christmas. I get a pumpkin birthday pie and we do presents. We did this last week and really enjoyed ourselves.

I have a very small family. We have Mom, Eric, and I, plus our respective partners/spouses… Fred, Diana, and Brian. That’s it for Michigan in our family! I really enjoy the peacefulness of a small family gathering (hey, six people is a lot to me sometimes). We take turns opening presents, we get to see everyone open what we got them, we get to relax as we go around the room. I have been to larger family gatherings, and it is just plain impossible to take turns with twenty people… you would never get your dinner that way! But I really enjoy the leisurely pace of our events, in an otherwise crazy life that I live.

Last year, Diana could not come up for our holiday gathering, but this year she was there. I really was glad to have her company. Eric and Diana definitely had the best gift of the year. They made up shirts that show Brian’s “Heftone Banjo Orchestra” which is really a composite of about seventeen photos of Brian holding different banjos… some of the photos with long hair, some with short. I took all the photos and then Brian composed the image on his computer. A smaller version of this is the front cover to Brian’s “Music Box Rag” CD, and it sure gets a lot of comments when folks see it.

Here is a photo Fred took of the rest of us wearing our Heftone Banjo Orchestra t-shirts. Now, don’t we look cool? We’re the best, I’m just sure of it. OK, pretty geeky but still very cool with our exclusive shirts!!!

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