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No Longer Secret: Summer Squiggle Sock!

It is old news that I don’t like secrets. Somehow a secret feels like a middle-school problem to me. I do not feel comfortable leaving people out when others are “in” on the secret.

Kindness  is important to me, and secrets feel unkind. Since I typically self publish, this is not normally an issue in my work.


However, I am in an industry which sometimes requires such silence. When I had my Hot Waves sock design in the “Joy of Sox” book last year, I was not to release photos of the sock itself until the book was released.

I got paid to make the pattern, and you might say I got paid to keep that secret for a time. Of course, I did as I was asked, and it has worked out just fine.

This spring I designed a sock which was just released the first week of July. I designed the sock using Yarn Hollow yarn (by my friend Rita). It was specially made for the Rae’s Yarn Boutique Sock Club.

For those who follow me regularly, you know I am most happy with knitting when it involves two to four different yarns, in different colors. In this case, the yarn had many colors in one skein. I had to stretch my general approach to knitting, and find a design which was very different in approach than most of my work.

This yarn is a wonderful, super-stretchy sockyarn with cotton, bamboo and nylon. It is in some of my favorite colors… bright blue, bright turquoise, spring green and yellow. If you have ever tried to knit with a yarn which has high contrast in one skein, you may understand the challenges I faced. Many stitch patterns just disappear in all the exuberant color! (For the record, the photo below shows the colorway best, on my monitor.)


I had swatched a stitch pattern in another multicolored yarn before the “real” colorway arrived. When I got Rita’s yarn (which I liked better than the swatch), that pattern did not work. I did more swatching.

Multicolored yarns do best with slipped stitches, knitting in the row below, and garter stitch (where the yarns blend together on the surface of the yarn. In this case, I used a slipped stitch to make a vertical squiggle up the sock, with lacy holes next to the squiggles.

I am very pleased with the design. I’m also happy (in the end) that I was pushed to work with color in a way that is not my standard approach. Grown-ups need to keep growing, right? It was good for me, and the result is pleasing.

For those knitters interested in structural details, this sock has a new version of my “start with a square” toe-up method, which turns into a swirl toe. It also uses an afterthought heel, which is decreased in a swirl, as well.


You can order the sock kit for one month, through Rae’s website. For $35, you get my pattern, Rita’s yarn, a set of beautiful double-pointed needles, and a few treats in a pretty box. For some reason, the photo on her site still shows an earlier sock club design. Rae assures me that if you order now, you will get the current sock kit which is pictured here in this post.

(For the record, this yarn is so stretchy that the sock runs a little big. If you are knitting this design and have any doubt about which size to make, round down to the next smaller size.)

Thanks to Rae for inviting me to do this project. It was fun, and I learned a lot. Thanks to Rita for working out a perfect yarn and colorway. And thanks to the calendar, for getting to a point where I don’t have to keep a secret any longer!


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  2. Priscilla Says:

    What a smashing sock!

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