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No Comments Until January, at Least

Well, I am getting over 100 junk spam comments per day on this weblog. Considering I get not even one true comment per day, on average, from you cool folks out there, I have chosen to turn off the comment feature. I will not be able to go in and delete hundreds of unwanted junk comments per day (as I do now), when I am on the road.

I expect that perhaps I will take the time to do research when I get back (at least I hope so). Maybe I can figure out other ways to tame the spam comments yet still allow you folks to write me by clicking on a link. For now, though, you will have to go through a little work to send me a hello. I will be disappointed at the additional slowdown that will cause my comments, but I really need to do this while I am gone.

For now, you will have to use your email program to send me a comment. Make SURE to put the word ColorJoy in the subject line so I don’t accidentally delete it (I throw away up to 400 messages a day in my email program, too). Send notes to Lynn AT ColorJoy DOT com


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