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Hello! (Soft Block Print)


I printed this postcard in 2005. The image consists of five different “soft blocks” or “eraser stamps.” I used different brands of soft block material (including a dollar store eraser, and art store Speedball block). I printed with rubberstamp-oriented “dye inks.” I still like this image quite a lot.

If you haven’t tried eraser carving, it can be a quick creative outlet. Use a craft knife (Testors or Exact-0), or better yet, a v-cutter such as those for linoleum or wood carving. Carve up one side of a white plastic eraser and use it like a rubber stamp. Many inks/paints work.

One Response to “Hello! (Soft Block Print)”

  1. Howlin' Hobbit Says:

    I had to stare at this and really *think* for… oh, a good 4 or 5 minutes before I could figure out how you did that with only 5 stamps.

    That woke me up better than my morning crosswords.

    And yeah, I’m slow sometimes.

    It’s vibrant and funny… just like you! No wonder I love it.

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