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Sushi for Thanksgiving

My Brother, Eric, came up from Ypsilanti for Thanksgiving. We had heard that the new Armenian restaurant (House of Kabobs) was going to be open until 4pm and we figured we’d check that out.

Well, we got there at 3pm and they were just closing up for lack of business. You know, when I was in college I worked at fancy restaurants, and I always had to work on Thanksgiving. And the places were always packed. However, that was in the days before all the chain restaurants. I wonder if that has something to do with it.

So… we were all set on Armenian food and we had to go “hunting nuts and berries” as Brian sometimes puts it. We drove to all the places in town where we know that smaller restaurants (often ethnic food) would be… Michigan Avenue on the East side, Frandor, Trowbridge Road, Downtown East Lansing, Hannah Plaza. We found that there were two sushi places, both on Grand River Ave. in downtown East Lansing, that had “OPEN” signs lit up in the window.

We found ourselves at 541 E. Grand River, at a place that appears to be called “Sushi and Deli.” They had Korean and Japanese food. Brian had a bowl of noodles and eel in Korean style (it looked good but didn’t sound like something I wanted). Eric had a Korean chicken dish, and I had asparagus rolls and avocado rolls, with steamed edamame (green soybeans steamed in the shell, you peel the shell and eat the center… I really like these).

The food was beautifully presented, and everyone loved what they got. I shared my rolls with the guys. Sushi for Thanksgiving! I was truly thankful.

I heard today on the radio that over 92% of Americans eat turkey on Thanksgiving day. Personally, I was really happy to have this food. I like it much better than what I make, and I have never been fond of fussing in the kitchen. It was a perfect Thanksgiving. A meal with my favorite guys, and no cooking, and great food. Sigh…

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