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Emily’s Beautiful Stole/Beautiful Gift

Emily was in my pilot class when I tested the ColorJoy Stole pattern. She came to me with some yarns in colors she normally would not wear. She had a stretch to get a combination of yarns that looked great together. It’s hard for all of us to work with colors that aren’t our most flattering, that is just how it works. We know “our” colors best.

Fortunately, this class is a group experience. The others in the group encouraged her and helped her find the right combination.

I’ve shown this stole before, but not being worn. Emily decided to give the stole to a young relative who was going to a wedding. And here is the lovely young lady in her gift! Isn’t it just as perfect as it could be? I’m so happy that Emily found a way to use those yarns from her stash that were not her standard colors… and in such style, too!

These stoles feel like magic, somehow. When I wear mine, I get to meet people because they must tell me how they like it… and often they tell stories about knitting or crocheting while they are at it (it happened at the grocery store today… a lady showed me her project that she had with her, a crocheted multi-yarn scarf in project with some eyelash in it). It clearly was magic for this young lady, as well.

By the way, my friend got her “hug” mostly-alpaca stole last night and she called me. It’s warm and pretty and it pleased her. And she definitely understood it was a hug. I was so happy to have the opportunity to talk with her before I left on my trip. And I’m so glad my work can bring colorful comfort to her during the cold months.

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