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Christmas in Cairo!

Hello, from Cairo! It is a lovely place, we are having a good time here in Egypt. We have seen the pyramids, took a camel ride, ate good food, bought good things. I got an absolutely gorgeous turquoise velvet beaded dress for dancing as Eudora. I found some mohair yarn in fuschia and turquoise yesterday in Alexandria, and had fresh-caught fish and shrimp for dinner.

Today it is Christmas and we stayed in the hotel all day. Stayed up till 2am talking like schoolgirls, then slept till 11am. Room service for tea and coffee, plus tangerines, guavas and baklava we got in Alexandria yesterday.

For dinner, more room service (not that great but easy) and we then had the excitement of the day. While we were rolling the room service table out to the hallway, we locked ourselves out of our room. I had to go down to the main lobby (this is the Cairo downtown Marriott, a very fancy place that used to be a palace… the guests are very formal for the most part) wearing my pajamas, to get back in to our room! I tried to act normal but kept breaking out in laughter, not a good thing when people don’t speak your language and you can’t tell them you aren’t laughing at them. It was too funny, though! Thank goodness, that part didn’t last too long.

We go to the Egyptian museum tomorrow, and maybe a dance club tomorrow night. We did already see one dancer here at the Marriott, and she was very good. I enjoyed that very much.

I’m so very glad I am on this trip. I miss Brian very much, but that is the only down side to this wonderful adventure.

May you all have a great holiday season, no matter what you celebrate. Very happy New Year if nothing else!!!

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