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Progress on New Shawl Design


Cozy Corner Teapot Sweater

After taking my shawl idea (which I discussed two posts ago) to the place where I thought it might work, I knit yet another swatch below right, pink). It was closer to the image in my imagination. It still needed some fine tuning.

You see, I often knit “stranded” patterning using two colors of yarn. This time, I am using yarn over holes to create patterning. Yarn overs create an extra stitch, which either is good (if you want to increase the size of your piece) or not (if you wish to maintain the shape it already has).

I have done this sort of knitting from time to time, often from other folks’ patterns. I used something like 7 rows of lace at the top of my Cozy Corner Teapot Sweater (see above), to create sturdy ruffles. This was an easy thing from a pattern-writing perspective.

Summer Squiggles, Sarah Ashley & HeidiMy most recent design, the Summer Squiggle Socks for the July Sock Club pattern at Rae’s Yarn boutique, uses a combination of yarn overs and slipped stitches, with a non-lacy look (see two sock club members, Sarah Ashley and Heidi, at left with their finished socks). However, there were 7 years of other designs between these two. It is not what I do most often!

This time, I have had a picture in my mind for over a year. I just can’t shake it. I’m finally willing to do some stretching and go for it.

The whole process is also complicated by the way I think “in the round.” I usually knit in tubes (socks, hats, wristwarmers, legwarmers, bags, bowls). This time, I’m knitting flat but shaped. I need the edges to look good. Edges, of course, were not clear in my dream.

zigshawlknitdraftEnter friendship. Friend Rae has been invaluable with checking over my lace charts/graphs, and helping me find where my “hiccups” were. She’s offered me her time, in a week without any to spare.

I also get personal support from other friends who knit. In particular, Cynthia and I pore over my swatches and debate if there is something which is not working well. She’s my regular Tuesday lunch/walk date, and I appreciate her company and time more than you can know.

SO: the current shawl is now on its 4th chart, its 6th draft, so to speak, its 9th cast on. (Drafts 4 & 5 on one set of needles with pink yarn, above right. It didn’t end up much like that in the end.)

It’s making me happy. Now I just need to “Knit like the wind…” as Brenda Dayne of the Cast On kniting podcast would say!

I am profoundly grateful for the people in my life. Thanks, Rae! (As for me, back to the knitting…)


2 Responses to “Progress on New Shawl Design”

  1. Elizabeth Says:

    It’s looking pretty good to me! I can’t wait until you finish it so that I can see what the picture in your head looks like!

  2. Rachel Says:

    I like the lines on the pink sample. I wonder what shape the final shawl would have had. There is something about fall that makes me think more about shawls and shawlettes then other seasons.

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