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A Lot of De-Cluttering, a Little Knitting

(Note… I wrote this Tuesday, tried to post it again Wednesday, and have had real computer/internet connection problems. I am not in charge of much, I think.)

I have done some knitting on the shawl, but am considering a rip back about an inch to change one feature. I’ll decide by Wednesday sometime , and hope to sometime post photos with before/after choices and photos.

zig shawl neck

This picture was taken several days ago. I’ve knit much more, then ripped back at least 3 times. It’s fine, I design by “sketching” on the needles, so this is just how it must go. It’s bigger than this right now, but not a lot.

I hope everyone who had a long weekend, enjoyed it. As for me, I spent 3 days at home, one day I never even opened a door to look out. If you follow me on Twitter (I’m ColorJoy there) you know I’ve been doing a rather major purge of my house, clearing out all the things which I do not find useful or sentimental. Over time, sentimental “owns” me less, and I am able to let go more and more.

I started with easier things. A year ago (June 2009) I started with clearing out closets, drawers and other fabric/textile items in the house. Last winter I stepped it up, giving any warm items I could spare to a homeless day shelter in downtown Lansing.

This spring when I was clearly in transition with my livelihood, at least for a summer, I got into it yet again. I started with cleaning cupboards in the kitchen and bath. In late July Brian was gone for several days and I decided to clear everything out of the kitchen that I did not WANT in the kitchen. What I did want, had to fit in the available space.

It was life-changing, really. The clearer closets last year were really good, but there is nothing like a kitchen that totally works. I’m loving it more than I could have imagined.

So this weekend, I had 4 days without appointments. I did meet up for lunch on Friday with a Twitter/Knitting friend. Other than that, I stayed home and worked on the shawl design and the house.

This was the big one. I worked on my office. It was piled from floor to ceiling with papers, and boxes of papers, you name it. I had expired software boxes piled in the corner. It was absolutely unmanageable, and I often work on my computer by taking it to the couch, the porch, even the library.

The success in my kitchen means that I had an optimism about the office. I figured that in my weekend’s 4 days I could work on the shawl some and make the office function.

The work in my office is not done, but the change so far is rather amazing as far as my ability to function. There is nothing on the floor but wires and furniture as I type this. I still have shelves piled but the desk is getting sorted.

zigmeasureMy desk has four surfaces, really. There is the main surface where the computer goes, then two shelves above it, and one small shelf to the side which once held a huge computer monitor. All of the surfaces were nearly pregnant with items, it was a bit like tribbles falling out of the sky at times.

Now I’ve plowed through most of the biggest surface, and half of the second shelf. I think this could really actually be within my reach.

I also realize that I’m doing two separate actions here. First I de-clutter and toss everything that I don’t wish to keep in the room (or store it appropriately). Later I need to organize what is left so I can function better from day to day.

It’s an extreme makeover by any measure, and I’m mostly through the clutter part while just starting an organizing part. So far, I’m pleased. I do wish it would not have taken this long, but I only had one full day to work on it without interruption.

The big deal will be when I purge the files that are brimming with 10-yr-old documents, so that I can instead put my current documents there. That’s de-cluttering followed immediately by organizing. I think that will turn my tide somehow.

Getting there…

3 Responses to “A Lot of De-Cluttering, a Little Knitting”

  1. Judy Wilkinson Says:

    I, too, am in the process of de-cluttering my entire house, a little at the time. It feels SO liberating, and I’m happy to know that others are following the same process. I find that in my middle age (58, how did I get this old??), I am more able to part with unnecessary stuff than I was when I was younger. Your blog encourages me to continue!

  2. Lindy Says:

    I am also going through the same thing for the purpose of moving. I love your statement, “Over time, sentimental “owns” me less, and I am able to let go more and more.” This is really important. I remember when I was about 15 and my grandparents were in the process of retiring to FL from MI. I could not believe all the good, sentimental stuff they were getting rid of. My mother said this is what one does as one gets older. Now I’m “older” and am doing the same and now I understand. Thank you, Lynn, for sharing this post with us.

  3. vicki Says:

    I find I have to constantly keep up with this! Kudos to you! I’m due for another mass donate/toss time. It is so freeing, once you get past the first bag of stuff.

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