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Pretty – Pleased

My new shawl is finally taking shape. The one eyelet row took me 10 days or so. Fortunately, it’s going smoothly now.


I took myself out to Thai food for dinner Saturday night. My shawl was my dinner companion.

She is looking flowerlike here. However, off of the needles (with a bit more fabric) she’ll  have more of  a chevron/zigzag edge with points. I truly love my diagonal lines, no matter what you call them!!!

I was right that the fuss would be worth it. She’s already looking lovely.

5 Responses to “Pretty – Pleased”

  1. Sarah-Ashley Ortiz Says:

    I Love love love how it looks! Is there going to be a pattern for it sometime soon? I’d be willing to test knit… ;)

  2. Irene Says:

    The shawl looks great, Lynn.

    As I am lace-phobic, I don’t call the intentional holes that I make “lace”, I just call them holes. But I would be more than willing to try this shawl – it looks terrific and as though you are not using gossamer/spider-weight yarn.

    But what makes me very happy for you is that you are enjoying the design process, even if it means tinking. You must be pleased with the results!

    Of COURSE there will be a pattern for us, right?!

    X O Irene

  3. Diana Troldahl Says:

    She is looking beautiful :-}

  4. vicki Says:

    I love this! And the yarn you picked out! I’m in a knitting slump, and this may have been this photo I needed!!
    Speedy knitting to you!

  5. Charlotte Says:

    The shawl is looking pretty. I’m sure the points will be nice but I rather like the scallops as the edge appears now.

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