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Urban Found Art (bigger than life)

In Old Town Lansing (#lovelansing), there is a tiny park at the corner of Grand River Avenue and Turner Street. There are 2 picnic tables there, metal ones installed by the city.

One day I was at one of the tables with my friend Cynthia. I spied this bolt. It said: “THE.” I was intrigued.


It’s a big bolt as they go. It connects the table to the ground.

The text on this bolt is not the sort of thing one would typically notice. The shadows also make a pleasant set of shapes and angles. I like it.

Isn’t it interesting how a monochromatic image still has color in it? The dust looks almost orange at center, and the shadow at top of the bolt is nearly magenta. The middle of the bolt top is more blue.

Here is the same image, with the saturation (color intensity) turned up to 100% in Photoshop:


Did you imagine the top of the bolt to be purple-blue before you saw this version? Isn’t it just fascinating?

One Response to “Urban Found Art (bigger than life)”

  1. Cynthia Says:


    I’m singin’ “Gold dust at our feet on the sunny side of the street.”

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