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Purple House Picture from Mackinac Island

Friend and reader Irene traveled north not long ago. She went up to Mackinac Island, a very special place for folks in the Midwest.

On the island, there are no personal vehicles. They have bicycles, horses, and good old shoe leather for getting around. There is an old-style charm which many appreciate.


Irene knows I collect photos of purple houses. She took this photo to share with me. I’m in turn sharing it with you.

Thanks, Irene!

3 Responses to “Purple House Picture from Mackinac Island”

  1. Irene Says:

    Well, Lynn,

    Wasn’t THAT a surprise – seeing the purple house photo on your blog! Glad you liked it! It was on my way to a cafe to get some supper my first hour on the island, and BAM! There it was, just asking to be sent to you.

    What a wonderful adventure that was. I recommend the island to anyone who likes land, birds, horses, and dogs that just sit in the middle of the road. But – I hear that it is very crowded from May – September. In October it was not. I don’t even want to imagine what the trails and roads are like when all of those multitudinous hanging bicycles are in use. Yikes!

    X O Irene

  2. Lindy Says:

    The purple house is wonderful – wonder what kind of a business resides in it?

    Mackinac Island – one of my favorite places to visit. :D When my boys were in school in Traverse City both of their classes took field trips to M.I. I, of course, volunteered to go along as a chaperone both times. :D

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