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Dinner with Sharon P

OK, first… I tried to buy the Marian Anderson stamps Thursday. I was told “today is first date of Issue and tomorrow is first date of Sales.” Go figure! I’m not a stamp person, I just like Marian Anderson (OK, I do love the artwork on stamps but I never cared about the first date of issue before). I’ll have to get some stamps Friday, instead.

But that was OK because I had a very busy day anyway. One of my computer clients had a few computers (and monitors, a big deal) to donate to my room at Foster Center. Then I had a computer class for adults, and a CityKidz Knit! session for an hour, and then a two-hour computer lab. Foster was hopping with people today, I had a bigger crowd in my room than I have in a long time… and we had two finished wristbands which was exciting.

But the highlight of the day was dinner at Fleetwood Diner with Sharon P of Knitknacks! Such fun she is. We get together more during the summertime, when we can sit outdoors at Beaners until the ice in our iced tea melts. I hac seen her only a few times since I got back from Africa, and both times it was in a knitting crowd where we couldn’t really chat. It was great to have the leisure to sip two full cups of tea and chat all we wanted. I loved it!

I don’t have any pictures of Sharon and I, but she took photos of me in some clothing I bought in Kenya, and I used her camera to take a photo of her wearing my gift to her… a handspun, handwoven Ethiopian cotton “shawl” I bought in Addis Ababa. Those pics are on her weblog entry today.

Photos today… 1)”My Kidz.” CityKidz Knit! children from this Wednesday… the first 2 didn’t have a new project finished so they each wore one of my wristwarmers and shook hands for the picture… middle girl designed a scarf for her mom that is big like a hood in the middle and skinnier at the ends to wrap more easily… and she’s showing off her recently-finished full pair of socks! The Fourth kid is a new boy this term with his second finished wristwarmer, and the fifth kid I think is his brother, who got to the room just in time for the picture and wanted to join in. 2) My very fun/cool wristwarmers from bulky Lamb’s Pride in Lime Green… worn over my very fun/cool hot pink leather gloves gifted to me from my friend Ulyana, for no reason other than she wanted me to have them. Isn’t this pair a match made in heaven?

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