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Classes I Have Taught and Loved

What a wonderful couple of weeks I have had! I love teaching knitting and I’ve had just a great series of classes.

On January 16 I taught ColorJoy Stole at Yarn Garden in Charlotte, Michigan. On January 23 I taught Felting without Knitting at Threadbear in Lansing. On January 29 (yesterday) I taught Heritage Heirloom socks at Heritage Spinning in Lake Orion (near Pontiac), Michigan. Today I taught ColorJoy Stole at Threadbear. And during that time I had four sessions of CityKidz Knit! at Foster Center, and two private knitting lessons. (And on top of that, I taught three computer classes in addition to the fiberart classes.)

If you are local and interested, if you click on the first link (classes) above you can see my full range of classes for the next few months. Actually, I’ve added three new classes this week which will be put up there soon, but it shows most of the impending dates right now.

And delight of delights… I’m starting to see a decent percentage of students who are repeat students for me. They tried one of my classes (or saw me make a demo at a guild meeting) and are coming back for more. It makes my heart smile! Just today I had Mary, Brenda, Jan, Esther and Marty who I already knew, and three new folks. And Esther and Marty are folks who have taken both knitting and computer classes from me. I’m thrilled.

For someone who feels that she was born to teach, it has been just a wonderful few weeks. I’m bone tired right now, because for some reason I just am not sleeping well yet even though I’ve been home from Africa for 3 weeks (I did OK for about a week and now I’m off again, so it could have other causes). Standing up for 6 hours in a row, teaching my heart out, for two days in a row… well, that would exhaust even someone with enough sleep. But I have no complaints, and all I can wish is that it will keep on keeping on like this!

Brian, by the way, is his usual kind self on these long days for me. I got home tonight and he immediately offered to take me out to dinner so I would not have to cook. We went to Emil’s (Italian comfort food, a local establishment) for the all you can eat pasta special. That was exactly what I needed!

I took pictures at all my classes, and I just don’t have the energy to haul out the camera and start editing those photos. However, I have two shots from Africa ready to go. The first is the view from the government hotel where we stayed in historical Northern Ethiopia. I think this one was in Gondar (Gonder). The second is a view of some beautiful hand-woven fabrics in a shop in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

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