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More Trees?

Life in the Neighborhood
The neighbor across our street has a tiny lot, with a tinier house. The house is just a little bigger than his garage.

He’s a quiet neighbor and he is really into maintaining his yard. In fact, he’s the guy I photographed on a warm day a few years ago, using his snowblower on a dry sidewalk. The guy is not lazy!

Though he has lived across from us for several years, I don’t know him at all. He tends to wear something on his head outdoors which is either full-sized music headphones or industrial-quality ear protection. You can see them peeking out in the above photo behind a leaf, if you look carefully. The dark shadowy bit is not his hair, it’s his ear covers.

He has a very well-behaved dog. Even when he walked the dog past me on my sidewalk, he was wearing the ear covers so we didn’t chat (while my friend was petting his dog). I am guessing he likes quiet.

Quiet Neighbors are an Asset

I’m not judging him, just observing. He’s a great neighbor. The people in that house before him, over and over, were loud and difficult to ignore. He’s a great asset to the serenity of our corner. I’m glad he lives there.

I’m a bit eccentric myself (painted my house trim lavender and salmon in a neighborhood where you can find 5 or 6 white houses in a row). If you do not conform, nobody bothers you in this neighborhood. I love it that way. It is not true in all Lansing neighborhoods.

Trees, Abundant Trees!

Apparently living on a corner lot is a bit public for this gentleman. Either that, or he is really into planting things; perhaps trees are his passion.

tree house

For whatever reason, the lot now looks a bit like an immature forest. We were under the impression many months ago that it was impossible to fit more plants on his lot. Then in late summer, he added a large number of decorative grasses, between fence and sidewalk.

More Trees!

Last week I was on our porch. I spotted the green of landscaping plastic. He had purchased at least 6 more trees, all of them taller than me.

What an industrious guy he is! That sounds like back-breaking labor to me. (In the photo below, I’ve intensified the color of the green plastic root bags so you can see them in the forest.)


I do wonder how he will find places to plant them all.

3 Responses to “More Trees?”

  1. More Trees? | Lansing Rocks Says:

    […] Visit link: More Trees? […]

  2. cedarstrings Says:

    We have spent fifteen years populating our former cornfield lot in just such a manner. In our rural setting, we don’t need the privacy screen and noise buffer; but we enjoy protection from the elements (sun and wind), decreasing the energy load on the house’s HVAC systems. More trees = less grass to cut; with good mulching, trees prevent soil erosion and hold moisture, decreasing the need for supplemental irrigation or watering. Trees need less artificial fertilizer and pest control, keeping the run off during rain and snow melt safer for the water table. But your observation is interesting. Your neighbor’s homestead would give me a good case of claustrophobia …

  3. Kristina Says:

    There is a little fenced in house down the street from us that we call the “enchanted garden” because of the vines and trees and lovely plants. Imagine how delightful it is to come home to these beautiful little natural havens.

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