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Ooh, another Purple House!

It was a while ago, but I received this photo of a purple-painted house from Karin00. She noticed I had a collection of other purple houses on this blog. I think I will never get tired of discovering new ones!


I asked Karin where she took this photo. She writes:

This purple house is located in New Liskeard, ON, Canada (now called City of Temiskaming Shores) which is about 300 miles northeast of Toronto, on Lake Temiskaming near the Quebec border. (100 miles north of North Bay, ON)

Thank you for the photo, Karin! I’m happy you shared this cheerful photo with us.

Right now where I live, it’s rather monochromatic. The ground is covered with snow. the sky is covered with clouds most of the time, and in at least one place within a few blocks of our house, there are six houses in a row painted white.

(Edited later to add this photo. This is the view out our side living room window, noon on December 26. Yes, noon. This is the real thing.)


As I mentioned, December is not the best time of year for this ColorJoy woman in Lansing. The photo could not have come at a better time. Thanks!

2 Responses to “Ooh, another Purple House!”

  1. Karin00 Says:

    You’re welcome Lynn, I’m glad that it brought you cheer.

    Our area is similar to yours right now – snow and no sun. We are snowshoeing in the backyard though and anxiously waiting for some sun! Happy Holidays! :)

  2. Kimberly Says:

    As a fan of purple, I have never been on the look-out for puprle houses but I think now I may be. I didn’t think anyone had a purple house except Prince!

    Hope the rest of your December is full of colorful surprises!

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