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I’m in the Paper! Woohoo!

Our newspaper, the Lansing State Journal (LSJ), is interested in locals who use Twitter. There is something called a “hashtag” where a person writing a post/tweet (140 characters maximum) can code/tag for a particular topic. Right now, the paper is interested in the #LoveLansing hashtag.

I have met a few folks through this hashtag. When I need to know how the roads are, I can check the posts of people I don’t even know, who sent notes to the Twitter site with #LoveLansing in their tweet.

Alisha Green, a reporter for the LSJ, found that I use the #LoveLansing hashtag rather frequently. She asked if she could interview me about it. Of course, I agreed.


She also interviewed @TreverJClark, a and Anna-Marie Herman, a young lady who once studied knitting with me and who now works for Rae’s Yarn Boutique. They are both quoted in the article.

If you are local, it is in the Local section of today’s paper (Saturday, January 29). Click here to read it online, or better yet, grace the LSJ with a newspaper purchase. I know they will be appreciative.

Greg DeRuiter was the photographer. He got some great shots during a short but fun photoshoot at Rae’s Yarn Boutique. Above is a screengrab of the main LSJ.com home page today (my photo rotated with a few other images).

There is an additional photo on the web page with the article, me playing a bit with some sock mannequins. The mannequins were showing off two Hot Waves Socks I knit, from the Joy of Sox book.

Are my 15 minutes of fame up yet? This is fun!

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9 Responses to “I’m in the Paper! Woohoo!”

  1. Riin Says:

    Lynn, that’s awesome! I love the photos!

  2. Snowbird Says:

    Congratulations! Can you believe how far you’ve come with the computer, internet and telephones! It’s become a really small world with all this technology!

  3. Angela D. Says:

    Congrats on your article in the LSJ. :)

  4. Mandy Says:

    Loved the article! I remember the LSJ from when I lived in Grand Ledge during high school! My sister was always involved in the arts in Lansing and East Lansing as well – there has always been a good artsy vibe there!

  5. ana petrova Says:

    Congratulations! Great picture of you! So colorful and happy.

  6. kathy b Says:

    I knew you when! HOORAY and how fun for you

  7. Vicki Says:


  8. Karin00 Says:

    Congrats Lynn. I’m certain that Lansing is more colourful and exciting since you’ve moved there. Your pictures are great, you could share them in Ravelry. I love the colours of your outfit and your sock necklace (I think that’s what that is around your neck). Fantastic! Thanks for sharing. I enjoy your blog!

  9. Kristin Nicholas Says:

    So great Lynn! And I loved the embroidery story about your 10 year old friend. Stay warm – man oh man- it is a nutty winter!