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Celebrating my Womanhood

I’ve always danced. I have practiced many different types of dance over the years… ballet, modern, jazz, tap, theater. I was always good enough to be part of a team on stage, but never was good enough to solo.


Now I’m a “belly dancer” (with the Habibi Dancers of Lansing, Michigan), and I’m good enough to solo at times. I started at age 38, just after I married the love of my life (we’ve been married 14 yrs and still crazy about each other).

HabibiAllenZillDetailI have found that in making my hips visible across the room, I now love my female-ness as I never did. You can’t shimmy without making friends with your hips (and peace with being female). On top of that, seeing other women be beautiful in this way helps one appreciate one’s own womanhood.

(I am still not quite comfortable with the word feminine, though… which is sad. I still see it as fluffy and frilly and perhaps even powerless. I might as well own my roadblocks while I’m discussing this.)

habibiAllenStreet4zillsLynnThere is nothing like a group of 30 women shaking that thing, to find out what the positive power of being female can be. A great part of this dance culture is that we often tell other dancers how lovely they look, how much their dancing pleases us.

Everyone rocks it in a different way, for sure. But when one of our team is in trouble, you should see the power of the crowd rallying behind her.

Yes, in March, when the world gets grumpy and miserable until spring hits… we are working on our biggest production of the year. There are extra rehearsals, and costumes to sew, not enough time and nerves to soothe. We whine and complain together and (unfortunately) sometimes at each other. But when push comes to shove, I know who’s got my back.

I love my community of dancers. I love the joy of dancing, the ease and fun of moving to music in a way that pleases me and those around me.

Being female was not always something I felt good about. With this dance, I have not only made peace with my womanhood, but embraced it.

…and the costumes sure are fun, too!

habibi2007 med

3 Responses to “Celebrating my Womanhood”

  1. Irene Says:

    Hear, hear, Lynn!

    I just finished four months of rehearsing with the lovely (YOUNG!) women in the Vagina Monologues, and what a ride THAT was! Not only did I become stronger (having never been on stage to talk before) but I got rid of even more useless baggage. Never too late, eh?!!

    CONGRATS on your dancing and your love of it. Glad you found it!

    X O Irene

  2. Trish Says:

    I always love seeing photos of you in costume. I hope to someday have the privilege and joy of watching you dance!

  3. vicki Says:

    Wow, you are looking super sexy there! Looks like a blast! (and good exercise also)