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Kids Knit, Again!

For the last month or so, I have been teaching knitting to a group of kids at Bath, Michigan Elementary school. There is nothing else so rewarding, truly.

I start them out with a five-stitch garter fabric wristband. Some kids really get into these, and make dozens of them, one for every friend and relative in their lives. It’s wonderful, generous, passionate… and adorable.

Some kids want to know what else they can knit. One girl already knit a scarf at home. Right now, the cool thing is to make a larger piece, a rectangle that they can sew together into a tube with thumb hole. Voila! Wristwarmers. These are great for playing on mild-weather days, or for wearing over gloves on colder days.

I took this photo of their progress, the third week we were together. Can you see how proud I must be? (Love the finger bandage… true kids in all ways.)


I Looooooooove these kids!!! Each is an amazing person, each is very different from the others. All have chosen to spend time after school with me. I’m honored.

4 Responses to “Kids Knit, Again!”

  1. Janet Says:

    So neat! Do they sew them together?

  2. kathy b Says:

    GOod for you!! i want to send my friend Karen over to this post…great ideas!

  3. Lindy Says:

    Yay!!!! :D I’m so glad this is working for you and for the kids.

    While I was teaching school I also taught in the After School Program. I taught knitting 2 afternoons/week. It wasn’t nearly as rewarding as it should have been because the program director would give me no less than 15 kids for each of two 45-minute sessions from grades 1-8. It didn’t work well no matter how I tried to plan it – just too many kids and too many different age groups all at once. Now that I’m retired I may try again in the Benzie County schools next year. Perhaps I will have more luck if I can have more control over class size and ages.

  4. vicki Says:

    How fun!

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