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Food in Florida: Photo Tour

(ColorJoy is about artfulness in all things… food can be an artform both in flavor and in presentation.)

I’m so behind on so many things… but when we were in Florida (a month ago) I took a lot of photos. We ate in many restaurants, many cuisines (food is a favorite aspect of travel for me). Here are some photos I took along the way:


A sushi place, I think it was in Orlando. Love the offering of “FREASH FISH.”


Hand-written sign, with artistic flair, at same sushi house.


Tampa, a Thai place. It was presented well. The rice was molded into a heart, it’s hard to see from this angle.


My noodle dish, same Thai place. Beautifully presented.


Salt and pepper shakers on the same table.


Outside a teahouse we like to frequent, in downtown Lakeland, Florida.


A diner we have never frequented, also in Lakeland. Since 1947. Cool!


My favorite culinary find on the trip. Turkish food in Downtown Lakeland, Florida. We ate there 3 times between us. The last night, we took Mom and Fred there, and we had four happy tummies when we left.


Tea served in glass, just as I remember from Egypt. This one has an evil eye protector printed on the glass. I sure wish I had a glass like this.


They had two kinds of amazing, home-baked pita breads. This one was whole wheat.


Left, Eggplant (my favorite). Right, a cold chopped-veggie dish, spicy, that Brian really loved.


Excellent falafel, with melt-in-your-mouth tomatoes. (Why does my spell-checker not know the word falafel? To me it is an everyday word… I’m lucky to live in Michigan where we have so many good middle-eastern restaurants, I guess.)

If you ever find yourself in Lakeland, Florida (spring training home for the Detroit Tigers), be sure to stop at this wonderful Turkish restaurant. You will not be disappointed.

We also ate at a different Thai place in Tampa, which was wonderful. We had Vietnamese in Tampa, too… and I took photos of the front of the Lakeland Teahouse. Somehow I did not process photos from those places, but I think you have enough photos to make you  happy.

If anyone knows where in Lansing, Mich. to get a wonderful small tea glass like this, or these in my photos from Egypt, I’d love to know. The sentimental can make life more pleasant, don’t you agree?

5 Responses to “Food in Florida: Photo Tour”

  1. kathy b Says:

    Now I want middle eastern food!!! You reminded me of it’s wonderful tastes!

  2. Riin Says:

    I love the salt and pepper shakers! And now I want falafel.

  3. vicki Says:

    Wow! How yummy!

  4. Kristina Says:

    I don’t know about Lansing, but I found the glass here:


  5. AlisonH Says:

    That all looks really good. *Really* good!

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