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Random Tip #1: Cutting Hot Brownies/Food Category

I keep realizing I know cool hints that other folks might like to know, too. This seems frivolous, but I keep coming back to the idea.

Hints/tips don’t need photos most of the time. Maybe this will help me post more regularly for you. Let me know how you like the idea, OK?

First tip on ColorJoy:

Cutting Brownies while Still Hot

If you need to cut brownies or other sticky baked goods before they have a chance to cool off, use a plastic knife. Brian theorizes that the plastic does not heat through as quickly as metal, and one must admit that plastic knives are more slippery than most metal knives.

It helps to let them cool a little bit, but you do not need to wait as long as usual. This tip has made my life more pleasant on brownie-baking days. Today my 6-year-old friend (Fairy Goddaughter) Isabel and I made brownies together. I used this tip to get our treats sooner than normal. You can imagine that the child was delighted.

Thanks to friend Cynthia for sharing this one. She learned it from someone at a potluck once and shared it with me. This is the best sort of folk art, don’t you think?

3 Responses to “Random Tip #1: Cutting Hot Brownies/Food Category”

  1. kathy b Says:

    I LOVE this tip idea. I will try to a plastic knife to cut those warm brownies!

  2. Irene Says:

    Great information, Lynn! Thanks!

    I have one that I just “invented” this winter, but it may be well known by everyone else.

    I really like rosemary, but I don’t like feeling as though I’m eating pine needles, and when I would try to “chop” them, they were all over the kitchen but not redeemable, and the mortar and pestle were useless, as were scissors.

    So, in desperation I put them into a zip-lock bag, put that onto the cutting board, and with the BIG chef’s knife, proceeded to “chop” them. They are so brittle that the knife doesn’t cut through the plastic in order to break the “needles” – they just break. Hooray!

    2nd tip: empty out the bag onto the cutting board or somewhere NOT over the steaming food that is going to get the rosemary – it just sticks to the plastic! How I know this is obvious, I’m sure!

    :-) Irene

  3. laurie Says:

    i’ve used the plastic knife idea with brownies and it definitely works…but you do have to let it cool some, or you can end up melting the knife…lol don’t ask how i know this ;-) didn’t seem to hurt the brownies any but the 90 degree bend at the tip of the knife made cutting much more difficult.

    good idea irene! wonder if using a rolling pin might also work…i know me, i’d end up with shredded plastic mixed in if i used a knife ;-)

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