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Still Life(?) with Strawberry


Why? Because it made me smile.

That’s all.

7 Responses to “Still Life(?) with Strawberry”

  1. debra Says:

    It made me smile too.

  2. Momtroll Says:

    I like it, too! Now I wonder what it is. I am thinking it butters corn on the cob. ; )

  3. kathy b Says:

    Made me smile too! SO cute.

  4. kathy b Says:

    is it a PRODUCE brush?

  5. LynnH Says:

    It is a silicone basting brush, the kind you’d use for barbecue sauce while grilling. We bought it just because it made us smile. I have a red one that isn’t in the shape of a person, which I use for cooking. This guy just keeps me company when I bake/cook.

  6. Irene Says:

    Now, I understand that the blue guy is carrying a strawberry-shaped knitting bag, but I AM wondering what is so heavy that it makes the center of the bottom be pushed out like that? Hmmmmm… Ball winder? Size 25 circular needles on a 6-inch cord? Curiouser and curiouser

    X O

  7. vicki n Says:

    This made me smile also!

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