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Spring finally Sprung?


Usually in Lansing, we get some early-spring flowers blooming in March. This year I saw a few very sickly violets, but I could only see them if I went looking in my yard. They were not hardy enough to be seen from the sidewalk.


The first day I saw proper spring flowers was last Thursday, April 7. This is a few weeks later than usual. We were starving for spring color here, or at least a few of us were.


Friend Cynthia and I went for a walk around Old Town Lansing and on the River Trail Thursday. I took all these photos on that walk (except for the final one which is my own south yard).


You can see that things are not yet fully “popped” out, and the grass is still mostly dormant in many places. However, the first few glimpses of growth are a source of joy for me. I hope these images give you a smile, as well.


Tomorrow/Sunday, we expect summer-warm temperatures along with thunderstorms. I am determined to put on one of my African dresses/caftans, hang up my hammock, and sit on the porch drinking tea… for at least a bit of that time. Thunderstorms or not, the first porch day of the year is a very big deal to me. Bring it on!

4 Responses to “Spring finally Sprung?”

  1. Irene Says:

    As much as I love my socks, Lynn, I really enjoyed being barefoot today! We all know that It isn’t real, but it was fun for the day! X O

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I went sans socks (sandals) Sunday. My heart filled with summer joy! It was as if we were in July for a day. Heaven.

  3. Diana Says:

    It got up to 83 here today, we had a lovely jaunt in the warmth with a (finally) Spring breeze blowing. To top things off, niece Liz and her guy Tucker brought little Levi to visit. It was a wonderful day.

  4. vicki n Says:

    How Beautiful!!

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