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Purple House Happiness!

I collect photos of purple houses. Here is a Victorian I found in Laingsburg, northeast of Lansing. It’s a lovely community, and this house is a real beauty.

In Mid-Michigan, the grass is green and we have a few bulbs pushing up and blooming. Our side yard has many violets which were blooming happily on Sunday.

Monday/today? Enough snow that in the morning one could not see the grass underneath. Luckily, it’s melting well. I’ve seen a few flurries, very light snow, on my travels today.

What to Cut?

In unrelated news, I’ve had two people I respect deeply ask me the same question in the last week. They want to know what I can possibly stop doing, remove from my over-busy life. I know they are right to ask.

Last year I was not quite busy enough (due to an inability to speak/teach much), so I cleaned house/decluttered for a few months. Now I’m faced with too much to do.

My main problem with this question is that I really like my current life. Nothing is obviously out of place in my schedule.

There was a time when I said yes to requests I did not want to pursue. I’ve stopped doing that. I think when I started only saying yes to things I wanted to do, I somehow thought I could do everything I truly wanted to say yes to.

Not. Passionate people always love more things than they can fit into one life, at least at one time. One must drop one obligation to pick up another. It just is.

Again, Again…

Every six months or so, I come up against this same truth. I love so many things, that I can not do them all. I say yes, and yes, and more yes. I only say yes to things that feel right to me.

I have good people in my life. I have good work. I have many, many things I love to do. However, one can only put so many drops of water into one teacup. I may not be overflowing but it’s very close.

Bonus Years

I’m 52, and my dad died at 40. I really do feel I am in “the gravy years” now. I’ve had a dozen more years than my Daddio.

However, cramming too much into a day means I skip sleep or meals or run late on obligations. Must. Stop.

Meanwhile I think of you often. The blog stays, don’t worry.


One Response to “Purple House Happiness!”

  1. Lori VanDyke Says:

    Hi Lynn. I pray that you will find a happy medium. I miss you so much. Still knitting, but not with friends…Brenda will be coming out in May and then I will once again be knitting with friends. You are often in my thoughts, and I always smile when I think of you!
    Love, lori