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Say “I Love You,” if You Can

We attended a funeral four weeks ago. Tomorrow, there is another. Saturday, a memorial service for a third person.

The tissue box below on the church pew is empty… I think it was the most poetic photo I took at the last one. If the tissue box is empty… well, that person was worthy of mourning.

I lost my father suddenly when he was 40 years old and I was 14. I’ve learned since then, that those you love are the most precious treasure of all.

I realize that some cultures don’t say “I Love You” out loud easily, or at all. Both Norwegians and Ethiopians are, as groups, more comfortable acting from love than saying it. I’m sure there are plenty others where this is just not comfortable… these are just a few I know.

Whatever your background, belief system, if you can… please say it, or at least show your love in the way you can. People can be gone in an instant. You don’t want to have regrets about what you did or did not say/do.

My life is happy, full and rich. I tell my own loved ones often, of my love for them. It’s one way I’ve grown since I had my own first loss… at such a young age.

Hugs to you. I appreciate you here, very much. I’ve written thousands of entries since 2002, and I’m delighted that you are listening.

Big hugs, LynnH

8 Responses to “Say “I Love You,” if You Can”

  1. Eva Says:

    Thinking of you in your time of loss. Peace.

  2. Diana Troldahl Says:

    Big hugs back to you, and in the spirit of hugs, I posted about you the other day.


  3. Trish Says:

    Hugs and love

    to you too, Lynn

  4. ChelleC100 Says:

    Listening.  And Loving.  

  5. Lynn Hershberger Says:

     Chelle, it’s good to hear from you. Thanks so much. I’ve been to yet another funeral since I wrote this, and Aunt Roberta died this morning. That will be five losses/4 funerals in 8 weeks. It’s hard stuff. One day at a time. Must appreciate the small things.

  6. Lynn Hershberger Says:

     Trish, I never said thanks. Loved ones continue to fall like flies, it’s a crying shame. Another loss this morning. I appreciate your steadfast support. Hugs back.

  7. Lynn Hershberger Says:

     I really loved/appreciated that post and your love. Thanks!

  8. Lynn Hershberger Says:

     Thank you for your message of comfort, Eva. I appreciate it very much. Bracing for yet another funeral Saturday. It can’t last forever.

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