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How Hot WAS it?

Does anyone remember the Johnny Carson Tonight Show? Johnny would say “It was SO hot today…” and Ed McMahon would dutifully ask “How hot WAS it, Johnny?” Then would come a punch line.

Here is my punch line, in the form of a photo:

For my metric friends, this translates to 30.2C inside and 40C outside. To be fair, this thermometer tends to read about 2 degrees high most of the time. I do know that it was 91F (32.7C) according to the National Weather Service, at around 7pm.

I walk with friend Cynthia many weeks, and today we decided walking was unwise. The sun was fierce, there were no clouds and no wind. I brought us both iced tea to drink and we sat on the bank of the Grand River not far from the dam and the Fish Ladder.

We had been at that same spot last week. It looks as though the river has dropped from 1-2 feet since last week, just an amazing change in water level.

On the way to the park, we saw a blue heron overhead. They are so amazing, so prehistoric and noble.

On the bank of the river, I heard something splash as we sat down. I guessed it was a turtle choosing to hide from us. Once upon a time I learned a lot about turtles, and this turned out useful today.

As we were chatting, I saw this tiny bit of brown stick out of the water. It looked like a branch, but it was not. May I introduce my wild friend?

Can you see him? Here’s a close up.

Another prehistoric-looking natural being, a snapping turtle (and a big one, at that). There was one more turtle we saw peek out very briefly. It had a long, skinny tube-like nose. It certainly was a soft-shelled turtle of some sort. I was excited because I saw it, and because I knew what it was.

There was a time when my life was so chaotic that I did not notice nature. Now I’m seeing birds of prey sitting still in trees by the side of the highway. It is wonderful to relax into my surroundings enough to observe.

We felt as though our hot day on the bank of the river, was a tiny vacation. I am SO excited I actually got a good photo of the one beast… cool, huh? Nature is its own art, and a chance snapshot of a moving, wild target is a very exciting find.

7 Responses to “How Hot WAS it?”

  1. kathy b Says:

    I totally agree. ThAT is a huge snapper and Hooray for you and capturing the image…..Im happy for you. IM sweating sitting here in my kitchen….I am old enough to recall the old JC line!!!  

  2. kathy b Says:

    I totally agree. ThAT is a huge snapper and Hooray for you and capturing the image…..Im happy for you. IM sweating sitting here in my kitchen….I am old enough to recall the old JC line!!!  

  3. Ottergal Says:

    There have been heat advisories most of the week already, but the good news is the HIGH on Friday is supposed to be 69 degrees.
    Well, good news for me anyway, good knitting weather for my big shawl, at last!

  4. Hollyburnham Says:

    This has been an incredibly hot Spring.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    You were right, we got chilled down for a few days. One night I got pretty darned cold, it was below the point where the furnace kicks on in the winter.

    I’m in Ohio right now and it got warm here but very pleasant with a few clouds and a breeze.

    I have one signed book for you when I return!

  6. Anonymous Says:

    I took a few dozen photos in a short time to get the one you see here. I’m thrilled it worked out. PhotoShop helped me with the close up version, making it easier to “read.”

    I guess we are just going to get ups and downs and ups and downs. It’s about perfect for me right now. Can’t complain.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Isn’t it funny, the weather really is a point of interest for us all! We are so fragile as humans, we don’t do well above or below a very small range of temperatures.

    It seemed like our spring never came around here, and then it rained cats and dogs for a long time. Then, Boom! Heat. No middle ground.

    I hope you are finding a way to be more comfortable, whatever the temperature is for you today.

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