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Detroit the Beautiful

“We no longer live in a leisurely age – the impression must be immediate, strong and complete–color has this vital power. – Wirt C. Rowland

(Quote from the Guardian Building website.)

Brian and I spent a day in Detroit last week. I hope to put together a photoset on Flickr with many of the photos I took. However, I’m on the way to a trade show (TNNA in Columbus, Ohio). These photos should whet your interest in more.

On the way to downtown, a castle at a major intersection:

A beautiful entry to a shopping area downtown somewhere:

And my favorite: the Guardian Building. I got one photo inside, this is it. My camera was low on batteries and the flash went off, so I hope you like it. (the area to the bottom right is an elevator waiting area.) Incredible!

7 Responses to “Detroit the Beautiful”

  1. Detroit the Beautiful | Lansing Rocks Says:

    […] Visit link: Detroit the Beautiful […]

  2. Irene Blanchard Says:

    Delightful photos, Lynn.  Thank you so much – that Guardian building is just amazing!  Good for you for seeing as you do, and then sharing the beauty with your photos.  I do appreciate your vision!

    Have a great time at TNNA – you’ll see a lot of people you know!  X  O

  3. Lisa in Toronto Says:

    I agree – they just don’t make buildings like the Guardian building these days. Have you seen the mittens based on the building?

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Those mittens are fun! Thanks for the link, I don’t think I’d seen them yet.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    It’s great to hear from you, Irene. I would like to go back to the Guardian Building when I had a full camera battery and the whole place was open.  Just beautiful!

  6. kathy b Says:

    Wow lovely images!!

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Detroit was so rich and beautiful at the early part of the industrial revolution. We forget that since the bad press of the late 1960’s and beyond. The buildings are still magnificent. Some are more well-tended than others. I’m happy about those which still shine!

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