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Time Off, Now What?

daffodilsMy class for today cancelled. I have an entire day off, with nothing, literally nothing, on my calendar.

It’s funny, I say I have put two days a week on my calendar for time off, but that is not true at all. Tuesdays I have a new dance class just before noon, and in the afternoon I rush home to listen to the Flaming Ukulele Radio Hour, usually followed at night by a guild meeting or knit in. That would be my schedule for a slow “day off” on those Tuesdays that I don’t make business appointments or class committments during the day. And lately I’ve taken to scheduling classes every waking moment, as a cushion for all the classes that naturally cancel.

Fridays also are my “day off” but Brian is also off which sometimes makes it a work-at-home day. Sometimes we have performances (we had a private concert this last week), sometimes I dance, and more often than not I schedule a class to teach.

But a full day with nothing? Not even a guild meeting? I’m a bit of a workaholic, although I truly love my work and don’t complain much. However, today I’m practicing a loose concept of a sabbath (as defined by me, not an organized religion). A day where pushing hard/working is not part of the plan. I will knit only what I love knitting, want to knit, enjoy. I will not knit samples or test patterns. I will answer only the emails that must be answered.

I used to work with a woman who implored me to take a day off, where I stayed on the couch and sipped tea all day. To knit and listen to music and truly relax. To not get dressed all day. Well, sometimes I don’t get dressed, but I work at my desk/computer the whole time.

So this time I may dabble in some crochet. I may bake brownies (I can only eat brownies when I make them myself… no corn oil, egg or milk… but I’ve been craving them lately so I may give in to the drudge of kitchen work for the delight of baked chocolate). I surely will take a walk in the neighborhood and look at all the blooming trees and flowers. I will drink many cups of wonderful tea.

I think I’ll even go out on the porch in the hammock (with many layers to keep me warm, as I get chilled easily). Maybe I’ll feel like taking the spinning wheel out there (I love spinning on the porch), or maybe not.

Today for lunch I’m having a roll-up, almond butter and pumpkin butter on a wheat tortilla… simple and fabulous. I hope you enjoy your day, as well.

Photo shows the lovely results of warmer weather this week. These daffodils were planted by my father, who died in 1973. They insist on thriving long past their life expectancy. The photo was taken with flash, in the dark. Exciting, huh?

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