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Pattern Sale: Buy 3, Get 1 Free!

Hi, friends. I’ve got a special going on with my downloadable/PDF knitting patterns! If you buy any 3 of my patterns, you get a fourth pattern free. There are 30 designs to choose from.

If you have not tried my patterns before, they include very clear written instructions. If I need photos to help illustrate a point, I do not skimp on them. If a chart might help you, I include one (with alternate text for those who don’t find charts comfortable).

I list many yarns that will work properly, for any pattern I write. This means that you might find the right yarn in your stash. If not, surely you can find something great at your local yarn shop.

There is a new feature in Ravelry’s pattern program. I can put together a “promotion” with no need for a coupon code.

You don’t need an account with Ravelry to take advantage of this offer. You don’t need an account with PayPal, either… you can give a credit card to Paypal and not bother with that. The payments are handled securely, so there is no need for worry there. I never see your credit card information.

Click Here to view my Ravelry Pattern Store

Why now?

My beloved New Beetle, JoyBug, has had a series of reasonable, needed repairs recently. “She” has been so loyal to me for so many years (built in March 1998, I got her in March 1999)… I want to keep her on the road and in good repair.

She’s still solid (almost no rust), and a delight to drive. She’s been paid off for years (her best attribute of all).

She’s worth the expense. It just happened that three repairs were needed rather close together, and I’m reeling from the timing.

Thanks for your consideration.

If you were considering a purchase or two before, perhaps this will be a good deal for you. Only $18 for four patterns – well-written, well-tested and in English rather than gobbledygook! My patterns are ideal for traveling knitting, too. Only a few grow large enough to make your lap warm.

On Ravelry, there is also a gift feature. Gift any Ravelry member with a pattern, rather than keeping it for yourself. Perhaps you’d like to do a knit-along with a friend or two… you could gift the pattern to the group.

If it doesn’t sound good to you… if this is not your thing… no problem. I am of the belief that one gains nothing from saying nothing. However, perhaps you were waiting for an invitation. If you were, here it is.

More knitting news tomorrow – complete with photos!


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