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My Watercolor Bag!

I wore my bag Thursday! I put my Kelly tank top in it, mostly knit, and carried it around with me. I didn’t knit out of it, but I didn’t mind. I love the size, the lack of weight, the rainbow colors, the soft texture.

It’s so odd, that Noro Kureyon yarn. The colors are what it is all about. I don’t really love how it feels when I knit with it. I don’t mind it much, but it’s sort of scratchy. Yet just throw it in the washing machine for 20 minutes, and it’s fuzzy and springy and absolutely lovely to touch. Cinderella!

Here are photos of my bag. First, you see the finished pre-felting size. It’s 20 inches lying flat, meaning 40 inches around.

Next, you see the bag after emerging from 20 minutes of hot water wash and then a cold water rinse (in my beat-it-up old fashioned washing machine). These photos are the same width, if that helps you see how much it has shrunk. The bag, after felting/shrinking, measures 16″ flat or 32″ around. You can also see that the colors of the yarn have blended in that painterly, watercolor sort of way. On this bag I liked the stockinette side best (for the pink/orange version I knit, I liked the reverse stockinette side out better).

By the way, the bag here in the photos has two skeins of one colorway and one skein (the center) of a different colorway. The other two bags on my pattern page, have three different colorways per bag, plus the solid colored trim.

Last you see my bag assembled and hanging happily on a doorknob. On my purple door with turquoise trim. I love my house!!! I love my bag, too!

Do you notice that the I-cord handle is a slightly darker/bluer color than the edge trim? I had 120 inches of already finished I-cord left from the first bag I made (the blues/turquoise version that lives at Yarn Garden right now, see my pattern page to see photo). I didn’t see any reason to make more I-cord when this went so well with the bag I made. So the edge trim and the bottom of the bag are sort of a dark turquoise, mostly greenish yarn. The I-cord is a little bluer. Both work perfectly with the whole bag as an artpiece. I love this bag!

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