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Linda M’s 3rd Pair of Fast Florida Footies

Fast Florida Footies knit by Linda MLinda M. Writes:

Are you still interested in photos of your Fast Florida Footies? These were made for my daughter with size 10 feet so there are 48 rows between end of the gusset and beginning of toe. I used Cascade Fixation on size US5 needles (apx. 6.5 sts per inch, I’m a tight knitter=) then switched to size US2 for the last 3 rows. Oh, I added 1 extra row at the top for more roll.

Thanks for the pattern, this is my third pair.

Thanks for sending the photo, Linda!

I am so fascinated about how different knitters get different gauges in this yarn. I get 6.25 st/in with size 2, Linda gets 6.5 st/in with size 5. Two of my test knitters had to go to size 4 needles to get 6.25, but at least one got the same gauge on the same needles as I did. And it really settles in a lot when washed, so I remember being shocked when I lost a full stitch per inch, after I got the socklet wet. Many folks report that their socks look shrunk after washing but that they fit the same because of the lycra. Fascinating stuff.

For local folks, remember I’m teaching this class at Little Red Schoolhouse on this coming Sunday. It’s a one-time afternoon session, so it should be easy to fit into your busy schedule. You can contact Linda L. at 517/321-6701 if you would like to register.

Linda M., thanks so much for writing! I’m sure your daughter will enjoy these footies in the upcoming warm weather. (Crossing fingers on that one… it’s still in the 40’s F as I type this.)

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