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Google Street View: I think I’m in a photo!

Tuesday when I left the house, I saw an odd vehicle drive by. It was painted like a commercial vehicle, and it had a pole coming out of the top, with a globe shape crowning the pole. As it went by, I read the text on the side of the car: Google Street View.

It went down our street and one block to the dead end. It turned around and came back toward me. I have an inkling there is one image of me walking to my car, and perhaps one of my pretty blue JoyBug at the stop sign.

I saw the car again on Wednesday, closer to downtown. This is sort of fun! Have you ever seen this car?

2 Responses to “Google Street View: I think I’m in a photo!”

  1. BirdyD - Roving Robin Reporter Says:

    Yes, for the first time, Mike & I saw one at the corner of State & Packard.

    I was thinking “Ladybug? They don’t exterminate ladybugs!”

    Mike then explained that it was taking pics for the Google Maps.

    Made much more sense. :>

  2. Cynthia Says:

    Well that’s fun!  When I see people in those street views, I often wonder who are they what are they up to.   This is one photo I’ll know something about.  Looking forward to your debut!

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