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Artful Images All Around!

I take a lot of photos as I pass my way through my days. Usually I have more to say with words than with images, and often you never see what I intended to share. Today is a day for images.

Jo’s Diner, Bath, Michigan. This town is pretty darned small… they don’t have a library. I meet kids here to knit this summer. Much fun. The staff here is very friendly, as well.

Outside Jo’s diner one day, I found this manufactured beauty:

A Chevelle. My friend Tom had a blue one in the early 80’s. He bought it in the southwest, moved it to Michigan after finishing his stint in the Air Force, and took the engine apart. Any part that needed replacing got an extra-performance version put back in. The engine was full of sand, from being in New Mexico or Arizona where it had been until that time.

That was a scary-fast car. When he took me for a spin, one touch on that accellerator stuck my back to that seat, and how! He was proud. It was really a lovely piece of machinery.

Here is another vehicle which I find beautiful in another way. The guy sitting in it, eating his takeout lunch at Olympic Broil (formerly a drive-in complete with car hops), said it was “rainbow” painted. I thought it reminded me a bit of a Mondrian painting.

And just around the corner from the truck, on our walk around Old Town, we hit the Riverwalk and saw this:

A Mondrian-type building (the city keeps covering up graffiti on the Riverwalk, I’m guessing). It’s pretty monochromatic in this photo.

Cynthia and I went by there this last week and saw that some very nice, colorful hollyhock flowers are growing up at the base of the building. We’re delighted the flowers survived the lawn care folks (who sometimes can’t tell a tiny hollyhock from a weed, not necessarily their fault).

For the record, Mondrian was a painter who evolved into a “pure abstract” (non-objective… meaning no object intended) style of painting. He used squares, rectangles, lines… lots of black and white, and usually if he used color he used the primaries of blue, red and yellow.

There is an excellent visual overview of Mondrian’s work, and his evolution toward non-objective paintings over time. Highly recommended, if only to look at the images!

3 Responses to “Artful Images All Around!”

  1. Susan Says:

    I enjoyed your photos today – thanks for sharing!

    I noticed during a google search that you have made duct tape dress forms.  I’m thinking seriously about making one.  Any tips before I start?

  2. Anonymous Says:

    The tape does round out a bit, so do what you can to really get an X on the breastbone and the like.

    Also it’s recommended to stuff it at least in the very middle with newsprint rather than stuffing. Some use that spray foam but it’s so toxic smelling! However, if you stuff with only polyfill it will turn into something quite rounded and not as you-shaped as you want over time.

    I saw a video podcast once where they used packing tape which needed to be wet with a sponge. I am thinking that must be less comfy while being wrapped but maybe more shape-holding over time.

    I think this link takes you to the lesson I watched: http://www.instructables.com/id/Custom-Dressform-from-Paper-Packing-Tape/

  3. Susan Says:

    Thank you so much!  There is more info on that site than any other that I’ve found.

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