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Blog Comment Frustrations

(So sorry this post isn’t quite as UP as usual, but I need to make you folks informed before you get disappointed.)

cup of tea in EthiopiaComment Woes
Wowie, I’m frustrated with my blogging software. I want to get comments from you folks, but not from spammers. I was getting about 200 spam comments a day before I went to Africa so I turned off comments while I was gone.

I tried to turn on comments for you guys’ sake last week. Well, I started getting spam comments but the comment link for my readers never showed up at the bottom of my posts.

So today I see that the Altu’s post from Saturday has a comment link under it. I tried to comment using the link. After typing in my name, and a bunch of other stuff, I hit “post” and it says no comments are allowed! So why do I have a link showing if I can’t use it? I’ve gone in and changed all sorts of settings but I can’t comment.

LynnH Tea Cosy Design knit by AnneMarieNow, this is positively the worst option… to let people spend time typing a comment and then have them get a rejection notice *after* they comment. Aaargh (as my friend Charlie would say)!

I’m looking into other options for my blog software. Brian, my sweetie and resident geek, has installed 2 possible options for me to play around with. WordPress is looking pretty good, and it imported all my old archives from Moveable Type with no hassle. WordPress has several built-in features to discourage spam comments. We’ll see what happens.

Meanwhile, even if you see a comment link here, don’t bother trying. I’d hate to see folks disappointed. You still need to just send me an email through your email software or skip it. Sigh…

Babying Myself with Tea and Rest
I’m back resting on the couch like a good girl. I’m drinking lots of tea with slices of ginger root, the healing elixr. Altu is always giving me advice to eat ginger when I have a cold or allergies and this time I’m really taking her advice to heart.

LynnH Tea Cosy Design knit by MichelleAltu’s mom always made sure I had a thermos full of tea the whole time I was at her house (in Ethiopia), and it nearly always was flavored with something, be it ginger, cloves or another spice or herb. The photo here is a cup o’tea at Altu’s mom’s house with a green herb (on the right of the saucer) that grows in their garden. It had a very strong oil in it, very good in moderation.

Knitting Update
In knitting news, I’m still plodding along on the pink Kroy toe-up/afterthought-heel socks for me. I’m using metal needles and they keep falling out of the sock whenever it’s in my bag for more than 5 minutes, a real time waster. I’m not at all pleased with the Cascade Fixation top so I’m setting that aside for when I have more optimism. And I think I’m going to take another look at the ribbed tank top, see if I feel like doing another stab at the crocheted scoop neck edge again.

I’m also dreaming of something really complicated in multicolored stranded yarns (like fairisle). I started plotting out an Egyptian sock when I was in Africa, so I may continue my work on that one.

I started that thought process when I realized I was half inclined to knit the second Norwegian Mitten from Beth Brown-Reinsel’s class. The first mitten took a full day of knitting, and it is the wrong size for me to wear in the end, anyway. Either I knit the second and Brian can wear them, or I knit 2 in a smaller gauge for me. I think my time would be better used on Egyptian sock designing, perhaps. It’s the same process, that colorwork I adore.

OK, finally my pictures. The first has been explained. The second and third are AnneMarie and Michelle’s test knitted Cozy Corner Teapot Warmers. Both of them had hiccups just where I did, so I am still working on that one frustrating part of the pattern. Once I get that so it makes sense to the world, the pattern will go live. Thanks again to AnneMarie and Michelle, for jumping in with little notice and helping me out. Didn’t they do a good job?

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