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Comfort Food for a Cold Day

I have been reading food web pages lately. I first checked out Vegweb looking for tofu recipes (I like a lot of seasoned tofu main dishes that other people make but have not done well in my own kitchen yet). It’s an amazing site, even if you don’t care at all about tofu and are not a vegetarian.

I also found the King Arthur Flour website. This is the source for a wartime rations chocolate cake (They call it King Arthur Flour’s Original Cake-Pan Cake, sorry but I tried to make a link to it but it seems you have to search cakes to find it) that didn’t call for eggs or milk, which used Baking Soda and vinegar to make it rise. I substitute orange juice or lemon juice for the vinegar, and it works with all my food restrictions. It’s an easy and quick treat. You mix it in the pan, so there are fewer dishes. I also understand that if you use coffee as your liquid, it is wonderful. I make it with water or soy milk and add a half cup or so of nuts to it for more protein. My online friend, Mimi, told me about this recipe around the holidays. It was so nice to be able to make a treat for myself, when everyone else was eating all sorts of lovely treats I couldn’t touch.

Then today I was in heaven reading for a way-too-long time the Cook’s Thesaurus where they had wonderful information on all sorts of foods, and possible substitutes for most of them. This is wonderful information for someone like me who has to substitute all the time. There is hardly a recipe I can make without substituting something, and this site is going to be a wonderful resource.

I really love beans and lentils, and they had all sorts of information on some I didn’t know… such as the Indian dal (sometimes they are the same food but with a totally different name at an Indian market). I read everything they said on beans, lentils and nuts/seeds. It was fascinating to me, maybe it will be useful to someone else out there as well.

Speaking of substitutes, I found not long ago that after going 6 months without dairy, I was missing puddings quite a bit. I made a rice pudding by substituting soy milk, and that turned out well. Then I wanted to make tapioca pudding. Well, at about the same time I was given some incredible Mexican vanilla. I found myself on Vanilla.com and somehow in the midst of it all I found a recipe that used coconut milk for tapioca. Now, I couldn’t use a bunch of the other ingredients they suggested (or didn’t have them in hand) so I sort of looked at a few different tapioca pudding recipes and made up this one.

Warning: coconut milk has a good deal of saturated fat, and the brands you can get at a regular grocery store or even health food store, have a lot more fat in them than the brands at the asian markets (and the asian markets charge about a third as much). Don’t make this for anyone who has heart trouble, OK? But for those of us who don’t have high cholesterol and can’t have dairy, this is a wonderful treat.

(Note: Some vanilla is not gluten free, look at labels if this is an issue for you.)

LynnH’s Sinful Coconut/Vanilla Tapioca Pudding

1/4 c minute tapioca
2-1/4 c unsweetened soy milk (or rice milk or lowfat dairy milk)
1 can (13-14 oz/400ml) coconut milk (not coconut cream or coconut water)
1/2c white sugar
1 T good dark Mexican vanilla (if you have a Mexican market, they have the real thing for a wonderful price; if you can’t get the real stuff, use 1-1/2tsp of grocery store vanilla)

Mix all ingredients except vanilla well, let stand 5 minutes.
Cook to full boil while stirring constantly with wire whisk (medium heat).
Remove from heat, add vanilla, let cool at least 15 minutes.

Oh, on the knitting front, I started my second Fuzzy Feet slipper. I’m past the heel turn, so I’m in the final stretch.

5 Responses to “Comfort Food for a Cold Day”

  1. Stephanie Says:

    ooo! Thanks for the pudding recipe. I’m going to try it!!

  2. Valerie Says:

    I was also hungry for pudding when I first gave up dairy. In Barbara Kafka’s Microwave Gourmet she gives a recipe for Butterscotch Pudding. Soy milk can be substituted for milk very successfully, and margarine for butter.

  3. Ying Says:

    You might like to know that although coconut is high in saturated fat, the fat is processed differently by your body than regular sat. fat (lard, eggs, etc. – bleurgh). As a result, it is NOT bad for you and may in fact have significant health benefits. So bring on the coconut tapioca pudding!

  4. Sharon Says:

    I AM SEARCHING FOR INFORMATION ON COCONUT/MILK AND CONCERNING THE SATURATED FAT ISSUES WITH IN AND OUR BODIES HEALTH..Many healthy cooking shows/classes and books are using this more and more..COCONUT MILKS.. For those of us with health issues..wanting good taste.. any hints..
    YOU MAY SEND TO MY E-MAIL’psdinkmeier@aol.com

  5. myah Says:

    This receipe is incredible! Thank you so much!