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Sock Summit Friday: Folk Sock Show & Tell

On Friday, I taught two sessions. The first was a lecture on Curvy Grrl Legwarmers and Knee Socks, and it was a great time, with a crowd of nearly 60 folks.

The first images here are from that lecture. At right, you see a matched pair of knee socks. Anna-Marie and Cynthia have different curves in their legs, although their foot sizes are similar. Off the legs, these socks are truly the same size.

At left, you see Cynthia wearing a legwarmer that fits her both at the ankle and at the upper thigh. We talked about stretch, stitch patterns, negative ease and gauge in that class, to help fit without having to do a lot of row-counting and shaping, and still fit well.

My 2nd class was 3 Turkish Heels. The heel styles came from actual Turkish socks I own, and they are lovely.

It was a jam-packed class from the get-go, we had a lot of material to cover. Each heel is a good solution for certain situations, and fit pretty darned well… but one in particular is very unlike any Western-style sock heel I’ve ever seen. Here’s an image of one from my collection, viewed from the back of the sock.

It was also a session where we talked about folk knitting, where often the knitters would fudge to make things come out right in the end. They would make up every pair from scratch, so there was no pattern telling them what the stitch count should be. It’s a difficult concept for some western-style knitters.

Friday, after classes, I made a date to spend time with Donna Druchunas and Teri Shea. Donna knows much about folk socks, particularly Lithuanian. She does a lot of lace, too. Donna wrote the award-winning book “Arctic Lace.”

Teri is an expert on Norwegian knitting, particularly socks and mittens (author of Selbuvotter, Biography of a Knitting Tradition). I’m interested in Turkish socks as well as Andean hats. It was a meeting of appreciative folks. We had an amazing show and tell. Above you see us with Terri’s mitten samples. Below are some of Donna’s sock samples.

Inspiration is the only answer to such beautiful knitting, don’t you think? Sometimes I get teary-eyed just viewing such lovely work.

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  1. kathy b Says:

    yes I have to agree, just seeing the work of others is so inspiring

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