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Sock Summit Friday: Dinner in the Neighborhood

A Walk to Dinner

Friday after the Folk Knitting Fanatic show and tell (previous post), I looked up restaurants on the internet (travel is so much easier these days). I found an Ethiopian Restaurant walking distance from the hotel.

On the walk there, I found some chuckle-inspiring graffiti:

I must confess, I’ve had Ethiopian food in Ethiopia. I became friends with Altu (of Altu’s Ethiopian Cuisine) because of her Ethiopian Restaurant in East Lansing. She puts so much love into her food that I love hers best… I haven’t found better anywhere… but it was a treat to eat one dish they had which Altu doesn’t offer (spinach), and just be there.

Embroidery – ColorJoy

I got a vegetarian combo plate. I loved the embroidered tablecloth so much, I gave it equal billing with the food in this photo. (The tablecloth is handwoven and mostly handspun, and the embroidery is all done by hand.)

From top, clockwise: Spinach, spicy lentils, split yellow peas, kale, cabbage. It was just what I needed, and there was so much food I had leftovers for a breakfast later in the week.

Forgive My Gushing for a Moment

I *LOVE* cities. For me, cities are rated on a 4-point scale:

1. Public Transit which includes light-rail trains (above or below ground)
2. Variety and Quality in Ethnic Food
3. Tall Buildings
4. Art Museums (at least one, preferably too many to visit in a weekend)

Portland has all of the above, though their buildings are not as tall where I stayed as in many other great cities.

Lansing (Michigan), where I live, has: 1) a good bus system without trains, 2) a no-longer-embarrassing Ethnic Food selection, 3) one building over 20 floors, and finally 4) a very fine, large enough art museum in construction at Michigan State University. We are getting there, but I escape to Chicago or Toronto as often as I can to get my tall-building/ public-transit fix.

Hang tight… photos coming next of the Sock Hop which happened Friday Evening. Tiaras and Tutus, disco lights, 80’s music and some serious dancing (including 2 videos) are coming up very soon.

2 Responses to “Sock Summit Friday: Dinner in the Neighborhood”

  1. kathy b Says:

    What a teaser!  I cant wait for the sock hop images~

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Did you get to see the sock hop videos? Such fun.

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