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Sock Summit Friday: Sock Hop (of Course!)

(View of Convention Center from the parking ramp of the hotel where I stayed.)

After dinner Friday, I headed over to the convention center to join the Sock Hop. I entered a dark room with a disco mirror ball and loud ’80’s music. It was hard to see who was there. I sort of danced around the room by myself and took a bunch of photographs while I waited for my eyes to adjust better.

It turned out that dear friend Irene, who made Sock Summit a stop on her move from Michigan to the Pacific Northwest, was there with her friend Lisa. I sat with them a while in between taking photographs.

I sure enjoyed the playlist of the music at that party. I was a young adult during the 80’s and in the middle of a group of young men, in particular, who adored the new sounds. They loved Talking Heads, Elvis Costello, 10cc and a lot of other bands I don’t remember names of.

In recent years I’ve been loving The Cars more and more, and an assortment of other bands which first came out in those heady years of early MTV. That night they also played a bunch of Madonna and of course, Michael Jackson.

Socknitters are fun. I dare say the folks are just as fun at Sock Summit as at Ukulele Festivals, except that there were a lot more people at the Summit than I’ve ever seen at any individual Ukulele Festival.

There was a group of women who wore tiaras and tutus/crinoline skirts most or all of the weekend (see above). There were the folks wearing the pseudo-viking hats with socks instead of horns (seen in this post).

I took two videos I’ll share with you, at this party. Both are stored at Flickr.com so if you click here, you will end up on my Flickr pages. Click the “back” button to come on back and view the second video.

The first one is the group practicing for Saturday’s “Flash Mob” dance. It’s only 40 seconds here, but you can see how much fun a little dancing with a skein of yarn can really be. That is, if you’re a socknitter at the Sock Summit Sock Hop, anyway!

The second video is a MUST-SEE. This woman and a few of her friends were dancing to the end of Thriller (Michael Jackson) where Vincent Price is reciting scary poetry. I wish I could give credit to the amazing dancer here, but I don’t know who she is.

WOW. The video is barely over a minute, but long enough to really appreciate her total immersion into the spirit of the dance. Incredible.

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