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Creativity Anywhere – the Grocery

The premise which started this ColorJoy blog, is that many of us are creative, perhaps even artists. However, often we don’t acknowledge that artfulness.

I did not call myself an artist until I was in my 30’s, although I worked in 3D most of my life. I don’t draw or paint, so I disregarded my talents.

Soup can be art, gardens surely can be, as can the creation of a space where a group of people feel comfortable and welcome.  I just love finding creative expressions as I proceed in normal days.

A few weeks back, I took a friend, who is without a car, to the grocery store. Someone in the meat department made a temporary sculpture from their homemade sausage. The olives for eyes really make this work.

I’m not much of a meat fan… haven’t had pork in over a decade. However, the “bloom where you are planted” spark grabbed my attention. I am sure I’m not the only one who smiled when they saw this!


2 Responses to “Creativity Anywhere – the Grocery”

  1. Irene Blanchard Says:

    Hello Lynn!

    I LOVE seeing this kind of artistic expression in everyday, especially mundane, locations!  I have been to two local agricultural fairs these past two weekends (!) (and the third, and last, this weekend) and so far some of my favourite craft offerings were the vegetable art works.  So much imagination and joy were evident!  Thanks for the happy porker!

    X  O     Irene

  2. supermarche37 Says:

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